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I think this Lebron thing about changing numbers for next year for the mere reason of honoring MJ is just a cover up, distraction a solid and valid excuse, but the real reason to want to switch numbers next year is because he wants to come play (sign) in Miami in 2010 and knows Jordan's #23 jersey is retired at AAA Arena so he is going on record now (almost a year before he hits free agency) that he is wanting to change his number in case he goes and signs with Miami next year he wont be told by everyone that Miami forced him to change his number and he will rather say that he already had made that decision anyways on his own a year ago to honor MJ.
They were showing highlights from the game tonight where after the game they were interviewing Lebron after the game and he mentioned being honored that MJ was in the stands and he said "I'm thinking of changing my number next year" to not wear the same number as MJ out of respect. Maybe a little hint that he is thinking of coming here and knows that number 23 is not available and he is letting the Heat know that he is willing to change his number? According to Ric Bucher there is mutual interest between Stephen Jackson and the Miami Heat. If this is true, then what happened to the 2010 plans? Jackson is like 31 and makes more than 7 mill per yr for 4 for more seasons. Besides, what are we giving up for Jackson? The Heat has kind of a good chemistry going right now.
"i read you article about amare stoudamire. Do you think there is any chance he gets traded to miami, chicago etc. he could be a great fit with d wade or d rose?" J.A. Adande (3:03 PM) "Ok, Harry. Now you can live as a satisfied man. I do think Amare could go to Miami. Nothing's imminent don't want to get stuck with him if he can't play the way he used to. But if Amare does well and the Suns don't, I think the Heat would be a good spot for him. I think they're thinking that too. (As Peter King might say)" ========================= That was from J.A Adande chat session yesterday. If our JO and Beasley keep playing the way they are right now at the center and PF positions, do we still look into bringing Amare this year if he becomes available? Not sure where Adande is basing his information from that the Heat are thinking Amare this year. I mean who do we send to the Suns for Amare?
Love or hate Wade, because of him the Heat won a championship when they were flat out dead after being 0-2 in the finals and he is the face of this franchise and there may never be another player like Wade to put on a Heat uniform. You think people in Cleveland care that Lebron acts like a diva, confiscating tapes not shaking hands with the Magic players after he got eliminated or coming out to face the media? No. You think Lakers fans during their ring ceremony the other night were whishing Kobe got traded back then when he was making demands? Dont think so. Diva or not, hope the Heat retains Wade next year and he retires a Miami Heat.
20 pts from our bench so far. The Heat scored 56 pts in the first half with Wade only shooting 4-12 for 11pts. Offensively so far, not bad!
Chalmers - 10ppg (We hope) Wade - 25ppg plus (given) Richardson - 8ppg (3 point threat) Beasley - 17ppg (at least, but potentially more). O'neal - 14ppg (or more, if he is really back, watch out!) --------------------------- Cook - 12ppg (potentially more, the hope is consistency) Haslem - 8ppg (solid) Arroyo - 6ppg (most importantly, will get 2nd unit going). Thats 100pts right there, without counting contributions from James Jones, Anthony, Magloire. GO HEAT!!!!
Haslem will come off the bench, Q Richardson to start at the 3,0,1037260.story
We beat the Hornets too, but still 2-5 record. Only good thing is these games dont count.
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Why does Chalmers play well when Wade is out and utterly suck when Wade is in? Posted by: badimo (to live is to suffer) | October 22, 2009 at 08:42 PM ========================= Then the strategy should be to bring Chalmers off the bench as a sub when Wade goes to the bench (rest) to allow him do his thing and let Arroyo start at PG.
Toggle Commented Oct 23, 2009 on Hawks 92, Heat 87 at Miami Heat | Sun-Sentinel Blogs
1. "Mario Chalmers again did little to distinguish himself, other than to again make Mike Bibby look youthful" = sucks on defense). 2. "He finished 1 of 9 from the field, for three points with one assist" = sucks on offense. 3. "He also committed a foul on a Marvin Williams midcourt heave at the halftime buzzer that gave Williams three free throws." = poor basketball IQ (dumb). And he is the Miami Heat's PG of the future, irreplaceable starter because....?
Toggle Commented Oct 23, 2009 on Hawks 92, Heat 87 at Miami Heat | Sun-Sentinel Blogs
Toggle Commented Oct 23, 2009 on Hawks 92, Heat 87 at Miami Heat | Sun-Sentinel Blogs
Daequan Cook on fire!
Breaking news!! Chalmers has finally scored!!! Audio
Good win tonight after the bad start. One more game of listening the games on the radio and then we can finally watch the Heat. Shame on Arison and the Heat for not televising one single pre-season game. There is no local broadcast on the internet either (have to rely on the opponents’ station to listen to the game on the web).
Arroyo showing some offense. So far he's been the most impressive after the obvious one. Posted by: Ali | October 21, 2009 at 08:39 PM ========================== Too bad Riley went on reocord saying he is not bringing anybody to start over Chalmers. The kid (Chalmers) has no reason to worry and push himself. Riley, the master of motivation!
Make that 3 field goals in a row for Arroyo
Boricua, back to back field goals
If Haslem plays in the 4th quarter, he might actually get to those 20pts (15pts so far).
Carlos Arroyo enters game, 2 quick assists.
Anyone got a link? Posted by: Ohshz | October 21, 2009 at 07:37 PM ======================= Audio (85% commercials) Audio (game).
Coach Spo was just on 790 with Sedano and said among other things "I feel very comfortable with Beasley defending the 4, I wouldn't say he is got it yet, but he is pretty close". He also said before that Beasley will play big minutes at the 3 so not sure how to read him.