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This was our third PAX. Had a great ol' time as usual! Last year Acquisitions Inc was the highlight of the show for us, and this year we were really impressed at the increase in Epic Awesome. (We had to browbeat a friend of ours into attending... He was not disappoint) We never get to do everything we mean to do, but wouldn't miss it for the world. I never hit your line at a good time, but I hope the two Angry Birds I left with your Enforcer found their way to you and Felicia :) I hope you had as good a time as we all did... See you next year for Geek Summer Camp (aka PAX!)
Toggle Commented Aug 30, 2011 on How was your PAX? at WWdN: In Exile
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Funny you should talk about this... I wrote something "related" back in November when I was decompressing from PAX: Glad you got your "groove" back :)
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This is a bit off topic, but I would like BBT much better without the laugh track... It's so loud and over-the-top I can barely watch the show. I'll bet I'm not the only one distracted by it, the producers ought to take a poll :)
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I'm seriously hoping that JoCo uses the "Wil Wheaton" version for his submission to Rock Band DLC... Can't wait to sing it! That was truly a wonderful PAX moment I won't forget. p.s. Sorry about the 42 thing. Despite that lapse in taste, my PAX karma held out very well the whole weekend. Hope you escaped the plague!
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