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Tis the season, bloggers!! I have gotten you all gifts to celebrate! A New Day: A post that doesn’t stick to the game so I can think of something to give you. Adam: The facebook of your old buddy James so you can finally have the meet up you so desire. BigSarge: A flag of Switzerland to symbolize your neutrality on the blog. Billy: A second banana. Chris: photoshopofWadeinKnicksjersey.jpg Diego: Did you hear the Heat won the NBA Championship! doctorb: The chance to “discuss” the rest of the gifts. Discuss... d-webz: A hint… unlock your caps lock key. Dwyane Wade: Lebron James. eddieomaha: A new crystal ball and the opportunity to resign from the trade machine to spend more time for your family. Erik Spoelstra: A clue. FMB: Freedom, of course! GarrettKall: A shrink, kiddo!! Hotleo: A Michael Beasley Toronto Raptors jersey. Helium: Your gift is the last on the list. No thanks necessary. Ira: The opportunity to provide me courtside press tickets. Dude you get paid to go to Heat games! I-Win: A bridge for you to hide under in between games. JB: Flip flops to wear while you yet again change your opinion on Wade, Beasley, and Spo. JD: A new set of eyes…. Beasley clearly has star potential! Jrod44: I get you mixed up with Ohshz so you get the same gift just to be safe. Josh: An assistant to keep track of all those stats for you and calculate your car payment per 36. kbboy: A shift key, which your keyboard apparently lacks as evident by your lack of capitalization. King Riley: Each blogger only gets one gift, leo. Ohshz: I get you mixed up with Jrod44 so you get the same gift just to be safe. Payperview: A POWER forward. Satanloves: Don’t think you celebrate the holidays. Sledge: What can you get the man who has everything? Err, I mean nothing. Somedork: The chance to be the Fonz for one day. Udonis Haslem: 20…. 10….. YML: The opportunity to let us know how you really feel regarding Haslem and Spo. WadeLikesHisShot: A proper user account so no one can accuse you of being leo/kingriley/heatruck. williams46: You seemed to have disappeared… which is the gift that keeps on giving.
Sledge sometimes brings good points to the table. If anything, he will play the devil's advocate. He's the first blogger to bring up DivaWide and now it has spread wildfire across the blog with KingRiley, Wadelikeshisshots, divaWade, hotleo, etc... although they are likely the same person. I raise my glass to sledge for not always keeping it real, but for always keeping it! Capiche?!
Phock you, yo mamma, you mamma's silver bullet, and your cat!!!!!!
You don't need an offensively dominant center to pair with Beasley. You just need a big body to take up space in the lane that can block/change shots and rebound the ball. Which you can say about almost every power forward in the NBA. I don't see how having Beasley is in any way detrimental to building a championship team. Posted by: Moose | December 22, 2009 at 06:50 PM That's how I feel. Ironically, my brothers favorite center (Kendrick Perkins) would be perfect. Or the guy williamsmyiqis46 keeps promoting (Marc Gasol). From a combo like that you'd get enough points, rebounds, and defensive presence. Capiche?!
Another thing to consider is keeping Beasley mean you add another max guy to Wade and Beasley. Getting Bosh or Boozer means you still need to find that third guy and the Heat would only have $12 million to do that. Plus, Beasley's 20. In the 2018/2019 season he will be 29. Think about that.
JD, did you miss the fact that last week Beasley outplayed Bosh when the Heat met the Raptors? Bosh grabbed two rebounds. I'd imagine if Beasley grabbed two rebounds against Bosh you would point it out.
Sure Bosh takes some jumpshots, that is fine to me. But he does take it inside. He is averaging like 10 freethrows a game. He does have a post game. Posted by: JD | December 22, 2009 at 06:33 PM WTF do free throws have to do with a post game?! Wade averages 10 FT per game. Does he have a post game, too?
Riley needs a fresh lobotomy that was, PF is the LEAST of this miserable Heat team's concerns Posted by: Slledge | December 22, 2009 at 06:09 PM No sh*t. These pencil neck geeks complaining about Beasley's production are no better than the jabronies complaining about Wade's production. They're the best two players on the team. Yes -- they could play better!! But, they're not the reason the Heat suck. What kind of organization prospers by getting rid of their two best performers? One that goes bankrupt, capiche!?
Carlos Boozer is a post player? Facts say otherwise. The Jazz were scouted during last nights game against the Magic. "Boozer is not the power player he appears to be. He only ventured into the low post on two occasions — scoring a short jumper and then getting a layup blocked. He missed four layups — including one in the clutch — because he approached the rim on tiptoes. For the most part, he was positioned at the high post and either functioned as a reverse passer or a jump shooter. There's no question Boozer has adhesive hands (eight rebounds), but he's slow moving up, down and sideways. That's why his defense is so poor." Two times in the post??!
Kenny Smith stated that their is only 1 player in the 2010 class that is a franchise changer. Guess who it is? Posted by: hotleo20 | December 14, 2009 at 07:35 PM Chris Quinn
Congratulating an overachiver who loses follows the same logic of starting and playing Udonis Haslem over Michael Beasley. Again... do you want a cookie?
I mean we're all calfs fans on here.... capiche?!?
But hey let's suck Lebron's left toe because he helped the Cavs overachieve.
I mean is there anyone here who doesn't think Wade, Gasol, Bynum, Artest, Fisher, Odom, LA's bench or Lebron, Gasol, Bynum, Artest, Odom, Fisher, La's bench with Jackson coaching ISN'T the best team in the NBA? I think both of those teams are winning rings.
Cavs are deeper, but nowhere near the Celts, Lakers, or Magic. I think when Wade has Shaq it was a better teammate than Lebron has had throughout his career. But, I don't see how you can discredit Wade for stepping up when his team got to the Finals. Kobe is considered one of the greatest in history and is anyone holding it against him he played with prime Shaq and now Gasol, Bynum, Odom, and Artest, not to mention having Jackson as his coach?
try the eastern conference finals Posted by: hotleo20 | December 14, 2009 at 07:00 PM I stand corrected.
sounds like lebron overachieved to make the finals. Posted by: hotleo20 | December 14, 2009 at 06:58 PM What is your point? He didn't have a lot of help... we understand. Do you want to give him a cookie for getting swept once they got to the Finals?
I know it's hard for some of you, but let's be straight here.... you put Wade on the Cavs and they're not winning a championship either. As a team they are far inferior to the Celtics, Magic, Lakers, Nuggets, and maybe even the Hawks in a 7 game series.
the answer is he won 60 games last year how can you question his defense? Posted by: hotleo20 | December 14, 2009 at 06:49 PM The regular season is basically preseason, junior. Look at all the success guys like Nash and Dirk have had in the regular season. It doesn't translate to the playoffs. KG tore it up for years in the regular season but couldn't cut it in the playoffs until he teamed up with cold bloodied Paul Pierce and Ray Allen. I'd assume you think winning 60 games is quite the accomplishment. Well, getting bounced in the 2nd round doesn't mean s___t. No championship caliber team gets bounced in the 2nd round, especially with homecourt.
Anyways, you pencil neck geeks need to step away from your laptops and realize there's no point in comparing Wade and Lebron. The Heat have Wade and last time a checkered Lebron played for the Calfs. Heat should be building around Wade, like the Calfs are doing around Lebron. Both of them are among the elite. Wade has proven he is a championship caliber player and I don't think there's any qustion Lebron would given the right opportunity.
Wade had Shaq, I had Z. Posted by: LeBron James | December 14, 2009 at 06:42 PM Obviously an imposter! Lebron James couldn't spell all that since he didn't not even ATTEND college.
Beasley = Mo J O'Neal = Shaq Haslem > Big Z Chalmers = West Q Rich > Varejao Cook = Parker Jones < Moon Joel Anthony < Hickson Arroyo = Gibson Did you have some one on one time with Beasley's bag when you came up with these comparisons?!? Beasley equals Mo Williams?? Cook equals Parker?? Chalmers equals West? There is this thing called consistency.... look it up, junior. On top of that Big Z is a former Allstar who can't walk and contributes more than Haslem.
If heat signs lebron james, what are the chances that riley comes out of retirement, for a chance to coach a title winner again? Posted by: doctorb | November 29, 2009 at 08:06 AM Pat Riles won 15 games in his final season as a head coach. He wouldn't even hire himself to coach this mediocre excuse for a team.
Larry Brown and Mike D'Antoni are OVERRATED. They WIN when they have talent --- they lose when they have scrubs such as the NY Rockettes or Charlotte Pussycats. They would do no BETTER coaching the MMM -- maybe another win or two, but Brown would probably bench the Diva for not playing the right way. He would probably like Aunt Jermanito since they probably went to the same doctor for their hip replacement surgeries. LIkewise, Spoelitto would do no worse, no better if he was coaching the Pussycats or Knickerbockettes. He would have them scrapping the bottom of the barrel and cleaning toilets with their afros.
Why bother signing AI? This season is for not. There are 11 guys on the roster who aren't going to be here next year. The Heat are counting on Chalmers to contribute next year -- whether from the bench or starting lineup. Beasley, Chalmers, and Cook should be getting 30-36 minutes each in order for Riletto to determine how much they can provide going forward. Sit the Diva, play the kids, draft John Wall, sign Lebron, and a legit REAL center to make up for PSEUDO center Aunt Jermanito. Capiche?