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Paul B.
Christian. Nothing else really matters.
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That is amazing. It sounds like the ME needs more leaders like this guy. But what I don't understand is that Syria has behaved like a Muslim nation. It has consistently warred against Israel, it even is in cahoots with Iran. Granted, Iran is not Sunni, but you're not going to find a more hardcore Islamic mindset than among the leaders of Iran. What changed, or was this guy posturing in this letter?
Toggle Commented Sep 3, 2013 on Assad's Letter circa 1936 at Atlas Shrugs
To clarify, this is not in relation to actually searching on google, but to "google suggestions". First, you must have them turned on. Then google suggests a completion to the search term you type in the box. This is stunning double-edged bias, both for blocking anything to do with Islam and for stacking the deck with vitriol against Christianity.
This man's voice and visage I also find nauseating. I read, rather than watched, his speech. I happen to think that he "calibrated" this speech pretty well. The soft allusion to Islam, in the context of affirming that no faith would countenance the massacre of innocents, was just about right, considering the somberness of the sad occasion. But while calibration is a fine thing as far as it goes, it will never make up for lack of heart, for lack of love of country and truth. The acid test is not what Mr. Obama says or how eloquently he says it (we well should have learned that by now, yet already the media is again shamelessly fawning over his rhetorical skills); it is in what he does. And so far all I've seen is politically correct denials that Islam is anything but a religion of peace, and worry that there might be an anti-Muslim backlash. The disruptive cost of speaking the truth in this matter is evidently too high for even presidents and generals.
Toggle Commented Nov 10, 2009 on Uncontrived, heartfelt Obama at Atlas Shrugs