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John Price
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What can I say? A truly excellent podcast effort. Epic win for the combined Lutan/Seven Up guy impression. I join my voice to those previous posters calling for an audio version of the book. Not that I'm knocking your prose style, which I quite like, but I think the material will just seem more ALIVE if we're hearing it in your own voice. As for all the Wes-hating stuff, it's time for an apology I've been meaning to make for quite a while. Wil, you and I are almost exactly the same age, meaning that when you were doing the first part of STNG I was a pissy high school kid. I hated Wesley with the white-hot heat of a thousand exploding galaxies, and I spent just about every second you were on screen trying to use any latent psychic powers I might have had to make your head explode. With a couple more decades of age and wisdom under my belt, I now realize that your were just an actor hitting his mark, saying his lines, and doing the best he could with the often-ludicrous material you were given. It wasn't your fault at all, and I'm sorry for all that misdirected psychic fury. So if you were plagued by any inexplicable headaches during the STNG years, my bad. Anyway, keep up all the great work. Long live Acquisitions, Inc.!
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