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I always feel guilty when I go to work all day, then come home to my pregnant wife, give her a quick kiss, then run up to the office to write blog posts and interact and network with others for the next 4-5 hours. So, yeah, it's tough. I think if you're doing the work that you love, the joy and energy will rub off on your family. Not at that point yet, so we'll see...
I'm glad you're going ahead with this! Might I throw a couple in for consideration? "Dancin' Bobcat on Fire" "Madman Drunk on Adrenaline" "Fragile Porcelain Mouse" "Twirling Mayor McCheese" "Cantakerous Boweevil" "Jejune Badger" "Dorf on Golf"
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oops...last question mark was unnecessary. Or was it???
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Are these wines going to be readily available nationwide? I'd say that's a critical aspect to the success of this (totally sweet...or should I say "spicy") event?
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this reminds me of a "5 wines, Arby's 5-for-5" thing I'm working on. I gotsta get in on this hot, spicy, battered, and fried-to-perfection action!
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If I were a lovely young lady who caught your fancy, you would've lured me in with my achilles' heel: gratuitous pictures of glorious sushi delights. What?! What's so "off" about that comment??
Toggle Commented Sep 17, 2009 on Sushi, Swords, Knives... at Dirty South Wine
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I asked some North Georgia growers about organic practices this past weekend, and they just laughed. Sounds like Downy, Powdery, and Pierce's Disease are huge challenges with the vinifera on the Dahlonega Plateau...really respect these guys more when you realize what they go through from grape to glass.