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Bo Roe
North Carolina
Creative research type who digs mid-century modern style, acquiring odd knowledge, being sustainable, and picking up peculiar hobbies.
Interests: gardening, photography, beer, glass blowing, dry erase markers, anything involving heights
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"My family has gotten used to my ways as well and has stopped giving me so many things for holidays and started giving experiences or gift certificates." I think this is KEY! How on earth do you have that conversation though when the way friends and family around you show their love and appreciation is through the giving of stuff? The other aspect of 'time to get rid of it' that's tricky is when it's a family heirloom thing. Sometimes items have no useful or appreciable value other than the fact that they once belonged to someone you care about. Talk about open up a big can of worms...
Toggle Commented Dec 9, 2009 on Useful or Beautiful at Adventures in Organization
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Hmmm... That's a pretty big food storage container. The Large Rectangle TakeAlongs are about 21cm x 38cm. If you're storing something other than food you might try the 15 qt Clever Store containers as well.
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My wife and I just went through a big purge/reorganization of our boxes of childhood belongings... it's funny you mention doll clothes and food storage containers. When my wife opened up the small trunk she kept doll clothes in when she was a kid it was filled with mold. YUCK! She spent the afternoon hand washing them, and once they were COMPLETELY dry she wrapped them all up and put them away. I should suggest she put them in a food storage container... I hadn't thought of that!
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I'm glad you found it helpful.
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Clean up dirty keys with nail polish 'remover' first... sorry for the typo! :-)
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WOW! This has been the most rewarding, fruitful discussion on how I might turn this office mess into being more productive. Here are my thoughts right off... Immediately after I finish writing this comment response I'll be putting a large block of time on my calendar to get started. Once it's scheduled and there I can be sure to have time for it. I need to make a run to my favorite office supply cabinet (or store depending on what I find in our office already) to get some folders and organizers as well as a label maker. Find and box that will work as my 'homeless papers' box. Go buy a front-pocket sized paper calendar. Outlook is dandy and my BlackBerry is helpful (at least when I'm not furious at it), but I feel like I need a paper and pencil solution for my day to day reminders. Thank you all for your tips and support!
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This makes a ton of sense! It's a little step that I can handle.
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