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Tammy Goodwin
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To be honest, my husband only knows who you are because of Evil Wil Wheaton.....He enjoys BBT, although most of the jokes he does not get.... And I was thinking the other day, that Criminal Minds (you were very creepy there) is turning all the 80's pinups to serial, C. Thomas (Tommy) Howell, James Van Der Beek (ok, he was 90's+, still) I wonder what previous pinup will turn up next....
1 reply Just ended up on this page and you are on their list. Sorry can't seem for the life of me to make small clickable links...
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Sorry you are feeling crappy. Only been reading your blog for a bit. Someone posted a link from Joe Mallozzi's blog. Really enjoy it....Now I'm only a "minor" geek, although those around me find me geeky enough. I don't play any video games, but love scifi/fantasy movies, tv and books...Also am a fount of useless facts. Anyway just wanted to say hi, and I will definitely be buying a few of your books in the near future.
Toggle Commented Sep 10, 2009 on in which a proclamation is made at WWdN: In Exile
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