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Eric Fredrickson
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Wil Wheaton FTW! Thanks for letting us into your brain for the evening. I think it's time for Spike Jonez to reprise a certain 1999 movie which was made of awesome. Only this time it should be titled "Being Wil Wheaton." I think we'd all line up at the 7 1/2 floor for that ride.
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Dude, I totally remember that Red Matter line! Wil Wheaton WIN!!!! My friend had some Red Matter at his house one time. But then he lost it behind his couch and it totally ate up his planet.
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Wil Wheaton, Geek Pope! I love that. What many of you may not realize is how sick Wil was already by this time. I ran into him just before this and introduced myself (he and my brother are friends) and he was nice, gracious, but obviously wiped out. Yet despite this, and being the consummate professional that he is, Wil got up on stage and "turned it on" Somehow managing to deliver a rousing Proclamation that left no hint as to his near-exhausted state! Way to go Wil! Thanks for being there for us! *Now get some rest!*
Toggle Commented Sep 10, 2009 on in which a proclamation is made at WWdN: In Exile
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