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I disagree. If you stand with evil people, if you vote the way they tell you to, you are evil. Moral weakness and cowardice are evils. So far, no Democrat has stood up to the socialists who own the party now, despite some initial noises to the contrary. As for this endorsement, we already know the Tea Party's been infiltrated, and in some areas, co-opted by Democrats.
Toggle Commented Apr 21, 2010 on Idiotic at Atlas Shrugs
This explains two things: 1. Why Fox has been sucking up to Obama and the Dems lately. 2. Why Obama bows to anybody from the Middle East. :-) As to why even a minority share is troubling, when have Arab interests ever stopped there? Before the Japanese went socialist and ruined their economy, they used to buy up our businesses, too, but I never had a problem with that. Know why? Because they didn't try to make everyone think their way. They were in business to make money and that's fine with me. To speak plainly, even the Chinese are less pushy than the Arabs and less intrusive when they buy in. For instance, there are Arab-owned businesses here in the US who forbid their employees to consume alcohol.
He's a freaking creep.
Toggle Commented Feb 1, 2010 on What is Wrong with this Creep? at Atlas Shrugs
My guess: the Democrats, especially Obama, have given another enemy of America the bomb through their lack of action and Neville Chamberlain-like “progressivism.” Of course, Ahmadinejad is insane, so maybe it’ll just be another phony cure for AIDS or bogus cold fusion.
As I've said before, the election of Democrats, and especially Obama, sent a message to the world: "America is weak again. It's open season."
I find it admirable that a small handful of Democrats are not spewing venom at Sarah, but.... Democrats really shouldn't use the phrase "sticking it out" in conjunction with mentioning the Clintons. Just a suggestion.
Toggle Commented Dec 30, 2009 on Sticking it out at Atlas Shrugs
Cheney is always on target. Which is why I'm always shocked that they haven't silenced him, one way or the other. The Democrat cowards love to do that so much that their attempts have, and will continue to, hurt them in the polls.
ObamaCare may not cover substance abuse treatment, but I bet his Cadillac coverage does.
So Democrats strip all the protections Bush put into place. Obama's appointees in the state department and his ambassadors abroad had been warned about this guy. He'd been on the terror watch list for a year or more. Obama cut off the intelligence sharing with the British that might have tipped us sooner. All because Democrats say Islam is not threat to the U.S. But Obama will skate on this because the press covers for him.
Since she obviously loves terrorists so much, Ruth Epstein should get to watch her entire family die in a terrorist attack. That would be justice.
Well, yeah. Democrats cheat and steal. Then they accuse others of that which they actually do. That's why they're Democrats.
As always with Democrats, people have to die at the hands of terrorists before they’ll make some feeble gesture in response. Democrats are the ones who brought us Somalia, 9/11 and the Cole, after all. They weaken, Republicans strengthen, idiots put Democrats back in office and the cycle continues.
I’ll be honest. I thought maybe with the economy being so bad, this would be something of a bust. And given that the media did their best to cover up its existence, damned impressive. Instead, it’s bigger than any left-wing protest since Vietnam. And it's more people than showed up for Obama’s inauguration. The difference here is that these aren’t people who hate America. They’re trying to save it. So it’s not a protest to me. It’s a battle. And we won.