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For some strange reason I had been thinking Alex Smith. The guy had a breakout year last year and had as much to do with the Niners going to the NFC championship game as the defense did. Hi did it without a viable wide reciever and a good tight end. He threw the least Int's in the NFL last year and made good decisions in a west coast style offense. Do you want a guy with two starts or a guy in his prime who has played quality games in the playoffs? I think Smith is the guy. Now we better freakin sigh him.
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This draft is part 3 of the rebuilding process and This is what I see being done. 1) Big, Tough, Smart and MEAN O-line 2) QB that can throw down the field 3) a star receiver to make our other recievers better. 4) a running game that will wear down other TEAMs. Defense is going to be a monster under Mike Nolan.. Still a work in progress, but the thing that stick out to me is We will stop the run and create turnovers. Two very important parts of the puzzle. F the Jets GO PHINS!!
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Armando, May God bless you and your Mom, I am so sorry for your loss and know that your Mom is looking down upon you today with a smile and will Be with you on Sunday and in your heart you will feel the love and comfort she has made you feel your entire life. She will be with you always and for ever. Sincere condolences Frank
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