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How lucky! Wish i could go to that wonderful city too! Oh well, do keep us informed ;D xx, Gon from
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I like 14th and 15th and 18th! Those are ferociouuus BB! xx!
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hey, great story, i always laugh so so hard when i read your adventures ;D! And you're style is impressive, i love that grey jacket you're wearing (is it michael angel?). Congrats on your first American paper ahah! xx,
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These pieces are seriously out of this world! I wish i had the time and the pacience to work on some of my own projects...
Your jackets are so cool! I would die to have one of them! Great blog ;) kiss,
Toggle Commented Oct 7, 2009 on Dust that Jacket at Style Bubble
Yeah! you make such a lovely cuple! and your outfit is just amazing as always! kiss Gon,
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