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Dallas Louis
Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida
Interests: You can almost tell from the picture, it was blisteringly cold the day we went to Disney! The high was around 35 degrees! I thought Florida was warm and sunny year round!!
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Hello Girlfriends! I'm hoping beyond hope, that these Thoughts for the Week are still making it to y'all!! I know I've heard from a few of you, and there seems to have been a lag in the last couple of weeks. I apologize. Most of you know that technology and I are not exactly the best of friends! At any rate, if you ever think you've missed a week, you can always go to the homepage of my website ( and click on the box in the upper-ish right hand corner that says "Click to see Dallas' Thoughts for the... Continue reading
Posted Jun 1, 2012 at Faithful Moments
Good Afternoon, Girlfriends! Hopefully my new arrangement will make it to you...y'all know my technical skills leave A LOT to be desired! Thank you for making the transition with me. This is a really exciting time in my life right now...exciting, but uncertain as well. As I'm typing this out to y'all, I'm being serenaded by Bon Jovi. Odd music choice for me, considering that I'm usually rockin' out to old school Country! Hey, every now and then even country girls need a little rock-n-roll. I was actually listening to them a couple of days ago, and that's when this... Continue reading
Posted May 4, 2012 at Faithful Moments
Good Afternoon Girlfriends! I want to thank all of you who went to my website and registered for the new version of these Thoughts. I will be sending out a "test" message in the next week or so, so be prepared for that. This will most likely be the last traditional Thought I send out, the rest will come through the new site (provided I figure out how the new system works!). So, if you haven't registered to continue receiving these, please visit to sign up for them. You can't miss the sign up button! It's pink. Also, my... Continue reading
Posted Apr 26, 2012 at Faithful Moments
Good Afternoon, Girlfriends! I have some housekeeping to attend to... I have a new program that will help me keep track of all of you on my Thought for the Week list. If you would like to continue to get these, please GO TO my website and sign up for them!! Hopefully this won't be a train wreck, many of you know how limited my skill set is when it comes to technology! This is an easy sign-up on your end. Name and email, and BOOM! you're done. I don't want to continue to send these out to girls... Continue reading
Posted Apr 19, 2012 at Faithful Moments
Good Afternoon Girlfriends! I pray that each of you had a blessed Easter! He is RISEN!! Y'all have been on my mind since I sent out your Thought last week. Thank you for emails in response to my absence from your inbox. Your kind words mean so much me. I also want to thank you for challenging me. It seems that last week's Thought hit a nerve of sorts, as well as bringing comfort. I thank you for bringing that to my attention as well. Struggles are not new. However, when we share our struggles with each other, we open... Continue reading
Posted Apr 12, 2012 at Faithful Moments
Good Morning Girlfriends! Wow, it's been so long since I've done this, I've almost forgotten how!! Kitty, my sweet friend, this Thought is for you. Thank you for giving me the verse for it. I'm sorry it has taken me so long to get this out. I've been waiting for the right time, and the right connection point to pair up with it. Last night, this Thought was dropped right into my lap. Today is Good Friday, which means that last night was Maundy Thursday, or Holy Thursday...the day in which we celebrate the Last Supper. Holy Week is my... Continue reading
Posted Apr 6, 2012 at Faithful Moments
Good Morning Girlfriends!! Okay, we have a little bit of housekeeping: I don't want y'all to panic, this is just a heads-up, over the next few weeks I'm going to (try) transition to a blog version of my Thoughts for the Week only. I know that for some of you, email is the preferred method of transportation for these weekly pick-me-ups, but I promise to make this move as painless as possible. Trust me--it HAS to be easy, or I will not be able to do it in the first place! For now, we will continue as is. I'll keep... Continue reading
Posted Feb 16, 2012 at Faithful Moments
Good Morning Girlfriends! Is anyone else rushing around? I feel like I'm always running--although the type of running I do, doesn't seem to burn very many calories! Jeff and I flew to Florida this past weekend to celebrate my grandparents' 65th wedding anniversary. That kinda makes your breath catch, doesn't it? Sixty-five years. Wow. I could write a completely other Thought just about that! But today, I want to focus on direction...or rather sometimes our lack of. You see, while we were in Florida, we actually had the opportunity to see Jeff's grandparents as well. Ours was an incredibly fast... Continue reading
Posted Feb 8, 2012 at Faithful Moments
Good Morning Girlfriends! Have you ever had a job that required you to take an inventory of your merchandise? Taking inventory is an extremely tedious task. You have to be meticulous about cataloging everything, to be sure that you missed nothing and didn't leave anything out. You must count items and check those items off of a list, and in many cases, check them off of a master list of some sort as well. Now, let me ask you: Have you ever taken a internal inventory? Have you ever taken a look at the items stocked in your personal shelves... Continue reading
Posted Jan 30, 2012 at Faithful Moments
Good Afternoon Girlfriends! Did anyone ever watch Sesame Street? I grew up watching Sesame Street. I could tell you how to get to Sesame Street. I loved to meet friendly neighbors...neighbors like Ernie...of Bert and Ernie. Do you remember him? Ernie had a yellow rubber duck. He loved his rubber duck. He even had a song. As if the lyrics to Sesame Street weren't bad enough, now I'm going to plant the lyrics to an even more annoying song deep in your mind! Here we go... Rubber ducky you're the one, You make bath time lots of fun, Rubber ducky... Continue reading
Posted Jan 23, 2012 at Faithful Moments
Good Afternoon Girlfriends!! I have some housekeeping things to attend to this week. First of all, I'm so thankful and happy to be starting off another year with y'all! Can I just tell you that?! I also want to remind you that I am now available on TWITTER! I know, super high-tech. Don't worry if you're not totally on board with the whole Twitter-craze. I wasn't either. But, I've been strongly encouraged to I am. The only trouble is: almost no one is following me! (Sad face) So I thought to myself, Self, let's make it real easy for... Continue reading
Posted Jan 11, 2012 at Faithful Moments
Good Morning Girlfriends! Happy New Year! I trust that everyone is rested and ready for the new year! I hope and pray that each of you had a very warm and special Christmas. We had a wonderfully relaxing Christmas. We stayed home for the entire Christmas break for the first time in several years! It was terrific! New Year's was nice, and I thought things were rolling along just swimmingly, until...yesterday. You see, the kids have been home for about two and half weeks. Oh sure, they've had playdates. Kids have been at my house. My kids have been farmed... Continue reading
Posted Jan 3, 2012 at Faithful Moments
Good Morning, Girlfriends! Oh! I had a hard time getting out of bed this morning! I would like to tell you it was because my bed was so warm and cozy, but today that wasn't entirely the case. Although I do have a super-cozy electric blanket that I typically snuggle down under, my struggle to get out of bed this morning was purely physical. Yesterday I pulled a muscle in my back. At least I'm pretty sure it was yesterday. I know that late yesterday afternoon, swinging my four-year-old niece onto my hip was the straw that broke the camel's... Continue reading
Posted Dec 29, 2011 at Faithful Moments
Good Afternoon Girlfriends! Happy Thanksgiving....a couple of days late!! I trust everyone ate their fill of turkey, dressing, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin pie! I know that we sure did! We managed to do some pretty significant damage to our turkey...not to mention my waistline...over this past weekend. But, as the saying goes, Thanksgiving is history and it's time to move on! It wasn't long after the dishes had been cleared, that I sent my sweet husband up to attic to retrieve box after box after RubberMaid tub guessed it...Christmas decorations! Too soon? You may be wondering. Well, let me... Continue reading
Posted Nov 28, 2011 at Faithful Moments
Good Morning Girlfriends! Well, it's early! I've already been up a while...I figured I needed a little bit more caffeine before trying to hammer out coherent thoughts to y'all! I've got some exciting news to share with you, and as usual, when I have announcements...I will tack those on to the the end...Settle in, today is a LONG one! I've been sitting on this Thought for a couple of weeks now. Y'all have been on my mind. Each day that went by, my heart sank a little bit. I tried desperately to sit down and get this out to you,... Continue reading
Posted Nov 17, 2011 at Faithful Moments
Good Morning Girlfriends! So, a couple of weeks my sweet husband came home with a little gift for me. Actually, truth be told, he didn't exactly buy this thing for me, he bought it for himself, but when I saw it...I just had to have it. What was it, you may be wondering... A compact, laser-equipped, pocket-sized, semi-automatic pistol. Girls, can I just tell you that I was elated! Yes, I can say, "Redneck." First of all, before anyone panics, if you will think back, I am licensed in Texas to carry a concealed weapon (comforting, isn't it). Secondly, the... Continue reading
Posted Oct 20, 2011 at Faithful Moments
Good Morning Girlfriends! Happy Monday to each of you! I pray that you all will be blessed with a good and productive week. Today we are going to venture into an area of fiction and fantasy and then see if we can't travel back into reality. As most of you know, I have three young children. As you can imagine, we watch our fair share of television, and with three kids vying for possession of the remote control, it's almost never my turn to chose the channel! Here lately, all three of them have been in general agreement of the... Continue reading
Posted Oct 3, 2011 at Faithful Moments
Good Morning Girlfriends! Have you ever forgotten something important? Let me clarify. maybe you haven't really forgotten, you've just become desensitized to the scope of the thing. Several months ago I flew out to San Diego to visit my sisters. I stopped by my parents apartment to check out their new place, and while I was there I felt (not merely heard) the unmistakeable roar of a 747 flying so low I thought I could've tickled the belly of that plane if I'd been on the roof. I grabbed the kitchen counter and braced myself, knowing for certain that plane... Continue reading
Posted Sep 15, 2011 at Faithful Moments
Good Afternoon Girlfriends! I've been thinking (dangerous, I know) about my past. See, I've got a birthday coming up...and it's sort of a big's not THE big one, but I'm getting closer. Then yesterday, I was downloading a song for Ethan and I noticed a new album out from a group called Pistol Annies--spearheaded by Miranda Lambert. Naturally I had to have it. The very first song on it could have been written for me and a couple of my running buddies from about fifteen years ago. Cringe. Here is my disclaimer for the rest of today's Thought: Every... Continue reading
Posted Aug 30, 2011 at Faithful Moments
Good Morning Girlfriends! As I sat and tried to prepare for this Thought, my mind was completely blank. This is not the first time that I've been hit with a substantial case of Writer's Block. I began thumbing through scraps of my ideas and low and behold...I came across the topic of angels. Terrific! I now had a plan! Slight problem: I don't know all that much about angels. How can I effectively talk to y'all about a subject that I know practically nothing about? My only comfort is that the topic of angels has eluded some of the most... Continue reading
Posted Aug 23, 2011 at Faithful Moments
Good Afternoon Girlfriends! Well, I wasn't sure if this was going to make it out this week or not! Boy, will I be glad when school starts next week! I'm one of those people who really needs a schedule. I like knowing what day it is, and when I need to be places. It will be a bit different, though not having an office to show up at...that may throw me off a little. Hopefully I'll adjust. Speaking of offices, I want to talk to you today about steel-toed boots. What do you know about steel-toed boots? For starters, hard... Continue reading
Posted Aug 12, 2011 at Faithful Moments
Good Afternoon Girlfriends! You may remember the slight remodel job we did on the house earlier this summer...I fact, I'm still having cold sweats and nightmares! Well, I've been thinking about that little project, and the fact that I've been living out of a suitcase for the last three weeks. I've been fairly busy lately. I had Women's Conference a couple of weeks ago, a family get-away last week, and today I'm packing for another conference. My suitcase has seen more miles in the past month than a traveling circus! But with all of those miles, my fuse has... Continue reading
Posted Aug 2, 2011 at Faithful Moments
Good Afternoon Girlfriends! Have you ever heard the expression: "The wolf is at the door"? Ever wondered where that came from? I've been thinking about that a lot lately, so naturally I had to look it up. We are all familiar with the story of The Three Little Pigs. For those of you whose memories may fail in placing the particulars of this story allow me to do a brief, and instant recap. A hungry wolf is chasing three little pigs. He first goes to one pig's house made of straw. The wolf huffs and puffs and blows the house... Continue reading
Posted Jul 12, 2011 at Faithful Moments
Good Morning Girlfriends! A few years back, a nationally known cell phone service company launched a hugely successful marketing campaign. It seems that when cell phones first came out, the most common phrase heard through the airwaves was, "Can you hear me now?" Suffice to say, service coverage wasn't all that great. This one company, however, turned a massive blunder in coverage into a monster success story. They put an average guy in some very remote places, where he would stop, pause and ask the question (through his cell phone) "Can you hear me now?" He would then wait for... Continue reading
Posted Jul 1, 2011 at Faithful Moments
Good Morning Girlfriends! Well, did you think I'd fallen right off the edge of the earth?! No such luck. I'm sorry for my silence. You see, it's the first couple of weeks of summer, and it usually takes me a couple of weeks to find my groove. I will say this: Y'all have been on my mind and in my heart from the get-go, though. Thank you to all of you who have been praying over Elliott and his broken arm. We saw the doctor yesterday, and it's still broken, but he did get a new bright green cast out... Continue reading
Posted Jun 9, 2011 at Faithful Moments