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Wow. I guess I must have happened along sometime that year, too. Happy Anniversary from one of the monkeys! And thanks for linking to the Ira Glass thing. I really needed to hear that, and thinking about it from your perspective (and seeing your growth as a writer) has given me some hope and confidence as I've been trying to return to what I used to love doing but gave up when I hit that gap full-on and couldn't see the end.
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This was a great episode! Thanks for doing it! A nice 20+ minutes diversion from work. ;) Loved the bit about you and Spiner singing the theme song. Someone must have that on tape, right? I still don't understand what happened with the Ferengi from conception to execution. Did someone get fired for that? Though, I did enjoy most of DS9, and what would that have been without Quark? I will try to get the book next week, 'cause this shit is funny!
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