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Isn't it cute? However, Urban Decay did not create the set based on Alice In Wonderland, they simply took an old product 'Book of Shadows' that is sadly now discontinued and I wish it weren't because I need one for my beauty spells & rituals. The Book of Shadows came with a mirror and book of makeup techniques, they basically got rid of those and added the wonderland stuff. I wonder why? Was the previous incarnation too "witchy"?
"The Dreamer" is me in a nutshell....I used to think I invented this look, but now I see it everywhere...guess I'll just have to take it to the next level...
Snow White is one of my style icons! I have an outfit I made of hers that I wear all the time! I just wish I could get my hands on that 'Sexy Snow White' costume
Haha, I walked into a grocery store with my freshyly dyed teal hair, a flower print dress, striped stockings, and crazy clown shoes and a little girl yelled to her mom "let me look at her, she looks cool!"