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P.S. Congrats on winning 'Best Looking Booth Staff' award. You got my vote!
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Love the blog post & the replies. I agree with Liz, Julie & Jim. Good thing Liz was sitting at a table near the side of the ballroom otherwise I wouldn't have found her and the hotel or convention staff would have gone home with the cookies & more valuable, the containers. I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of the awesome new Easy Find Lid containers I sent home with a NAPO-WDC member who drove. Love the new Premium Easy Find Lids, the sink brush holder for inside a cabinet (what's it's true name so I can find it online?) and the Undershelf Basket. Very cool new stuff! Thanks for bringing the Dymo folks. It was great to chat with them and see their latest products. Julie- Maybe next year Rubbermaid will have a pull-down shelf for a coffee maker. Now that would be cool and convenient for all involved.
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4:1 TVs to humans. If a DVR counts as another TV, the ratio is worse... Scary.