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"There's a possibility. . ." That's sort of my favorite part of New Moon because it just makes me laugh so hard. The seasons changing sequence is to New Moon what the "masochistic lions" dialogue is to the first Twilight movie.
Toggle Commented Jul 13, 2010 on La Furia Roja. at Forty Deuce
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After Elf won the U.S. Open by defeating the Mighty Fed when no one thought he could do it, I thought that there couldn't possibly be a greater tennis moment for me. But if Dina does ever win a major, after the 3 shaky grand slam finals, after all the questions surrounding her #1 ranking, after all the self-destruction, after all the suffering, then it would be an epically joyous occasion. And if she doesn't, oh well. She still rocks at life (in a Liz Lemon sort of way). I love losers who rock at life.
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Thanks for reminding us about the 140 ranking. I had almost forgotten that as dominant as Serena is now and was during the Serena Slam days, that at one point so many people had questioned her commitment to tennis and thought she was done. I have much ambivalence towards Serena (I like her because she's ridiculous and I dislike her because she's ridiculous), but I really appreciate that she still brings her own brand of fierceness to tennis.
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My name is Mango, and I am a sports masochist as well.
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Jan 31, 2010
Julia Stiles didn't even come back to reprise her role in 'The Prince & Me II' because even she recognized how bad it would be (of course this means I've seen it). Also 'The Prince & Me: Holiday Honeymoon' airs this Sunday night on ABC family. So there's a third in the franchise.
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I wonder if this will prompt Always or Stayfree to sign JJ as competition.
Toggle Commented Sep 24, 2009 on UPDATED: "Is this a bad time?" at Forty Deuce
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