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As ever, a good if (in this case) very depressing post. What, then, will be the prospects for resistance in the university sector to this attack on critical thought? One strategy to consider might be to take the Con-Dem's neoliberal logic to its obvious conclusion: if the state withdraws all teaching funding for the arts, humanities and social sciences then surely the state has given up the right to have any input into, or control over, that area? Among other things, this would mean the end of the QAA, the NSS and all other elements of the vast audit culture related to teaching. Entire departments and faculties would then be freed from these expensive and largely pointless burdens to negotiate their own relationship with their students. Maybe, just maybe, that new relationship could be one in which critical thought and its cultural contributions might find a central place.
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Great post and great site Kyle. Indeed, when comedians have become the most incisive critics, we are in a very strange place. I've touched on the issue of impact in my recent series of posts on changes in social media and the distribution of information (with the last one dealing with universities - see We are in exciting and uncertain times, but our managers (institutional and political) have no grasp of current realities. They still want to count the beans at the party central committee meeting...
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