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Lombard Of The Intertidal
San Francisco California
Locally renowned raconteur, fisherman, tubist, writer, tenor, home made instrument designer, puppet guy, eel master, former employee of {insert name of ambiguously titled semi federal agency of fish data collection here}.
Interests: Fishing, baseball, blondes, puppetry, quality cigars, fine ales and spirits, harmonicas, tubas, night smelt, monkeyface eels, surf smelt... you know stuff like that.
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According to DFW there have been 2 minor spawns. One in Balena Bay (Alameda, near the rockwall) and Point Richmond (outer Jetty). Other than that it's been rumors. Nothing but rumors. Grade C rumors. Fake news! Not-even-worthy-of-mentioning rumors. And yet, since I'm getting so many texts and e-mails from folks I don't even know, I'm mentioning them. If for no other reason than just to let everyone know how little info I've got. How much leg work I've already done. And what constitutes a real tip and a bogus one. Unbelievably someone called to tell me there was a spawn... Continue reading
Posted Dec 21, 2017 at Coastal Update
Hello everybody. Time for the Sea Forager Coastal Update! But first, here's what we're up to in the next few months: Mega Low Tide Monster Clam Tours with spots still open (TICKETS HERE): 1. December 31st, 2pm 2. January 29th, 2:30pm Sausalito Herring Festival 2018: Stay tuned for details, The Fishwives sea shanty trio will be performing! Crab Crab image by Leighton Kelly, all rights reserved. Dungeness crab season opened with a fizzle. The inshore/shallow water numbers have been disappointing. The folks who tied more rope onto their pots and dropped them in deeper water have been doing better—but not... Continue reading
Posted Nov 20, 2017 at Coastal Update
Greetings! Let's jump right in: Salmon The sport salmon season has really been exceptional this last two months. Esp out of HMB. Though as of this writing the fish seemed to have moved north (and of this writing they've moved off of Pacifica again). Lots of small fish (20-25in) but a fair number of big ones mixed in. I have to admit it sure was a blast when the fish showed up outside the harbor down here in HMB. But as fun as it is to troll for them, the lines at the ramp really harshed my mellow. I mean... Continue reading
Posted Aug 5, 2017 at Coastal Update
Now offering nightsmelt tours and custom A-frame smelt nets. See below! Hi guys, after a long hiatus from Coastal Updates, I'm back! Before we get to the details here's some relevant Sea Forager stuff: New tours: 2 new mega low tide tour dates are up - June 26th and July 24th tickets HERE HELP WANTED: I'm looking for part time fulfillment and delivery help down at Pier 45 in SF, email me for details (kirk at Summer Events: Atlas Obscura, the Bay Parade, Sea Forager dinner at 18 Reasons, and fish butchery skills class at The Local Butcher Shop,... Continue reading
Posted Jun 8, 2017 at Coastal Update
Hey everybody, before we get to the nitty gritty, we've got some book readings/events coming up in the next few days. Here's the necessary info., if you want to hang out and get fishy with us! Mechanics Institute Library -- Wednesday, 6pm 01/11/17 Monterey Aquarium -- Thurs, 6pm, 01/12/17 Adobe Books -- Sunday, 6pm, 01/29/17 Herring Update If you want to be in the loop when the herring spawn follow me on Twitter or Instagram: @seaforager Hi everybody! Writing this from my fire-warmed bunker high above the Pacific Ocean, watching happily as they waves crash down on Montara Reef and... Continue reading
Posted Jan 10, 2017 at Coastal Update
Some spawned out fish reported from just south of Yerba Buena (with green fish mixed in). Big school holding in 80 feet near the GG Bridge North Tower Scattered reports but nothing solid on China Basin and Coyote Point area. Some big flocks of swarming cormorants near Islais Creek, but again nothing more than that. I think we're still two weeks from our first major spawn. I should point out that the first spawn has occurred at Coyote Point around X-mas time for the last 5 years. Will history repeat itself? Stay tuned! For up to the minute herring info... Continue reading
Posted Dec 9, 2016 at Coastal Update
Oh for the glory days! Kayak crabbing in 2009 Honestly, for environmentalists, sustainability advocates, and people who just happen to like nature, the naming of Myron Ebell (above) to head the EPA is about as horrifying as it gets. We're talking about the leading climate change denier on the planet. It would be like someone nominating David Duke to run the NAACP--only it's actually about to happen! I'm not sure where this leaves us all. I'm not sure what to say or what to do. It's like getting punched in the gut. I feel like I'm on the ropes and... Continue reading
Posted Nov 15, 2016 at Coastal Update
Fall 2016 Update The author holds forth on one of his favorite subjects, the black perch aka: "pogey" Hey everybody! Time for your September 2016 Coastal Update! First off, with my book finally out and available, there is just a whole lot of Sea Forager stuff going on this month. Sea Forager Seafood CSF turns THREE this month! Wow. We've got lots of events to celebrate at. And thanks to all the folks who came out for the big book relase par-tay at the Exploratorium. Below please find various events and book readings scheduled for later this month. Hopefully you... Continue reading
Posted Sep 8, 2016 at Coastal Update
What's that? You miss The Monkey Face News? Wonder what ever happened to the crazy fish nerd responsible for it? Well… here's what I've been up to. And here's how you order it: The Sea Forager's Guide. The book will also be available at select local bookstores after 09/01/16. Huzzah! Be sure to check out my Coastal Update page for more piscatorial ramblings: Coastal Update --Kirk-out Continue reading
Posted Aug 22, 2016 at The Monkeyface News
The Fishwives sea shanty trio serenading the Bay Parade Coastal Update Early Summer 2016 Lots of things coming up to share, but of primary significance is my official book release par-tay at the Exploratorium on August 25th. Book release? you ask. Well, in fact, yes. I went and wrote a book: The Sea Forager’s Guide To The Northern California Coast. This mammoth tome (see image below), took me a year and half, working all night, while running my sustainable seafood business, doing weekend tours and performing parental duties for two little kids. So I’m patting myself on the back and... Continue reading
Posted May 24, 2016 at Coastal Update
Coastal Update Jan/Feb 2016 Hey coastal fisher/foragers, it’s time for your mid-Winter 2016 Coastal Update! But first here are a few EVENTS we’ve got coming up: SOS Seafood Festival in Princeton Harbor, Saturday January 30th from 10-5pm (tickets). Swing by the Sea Forager booth and say hi. I'll be on the sustainability panel at 1pm. The Herring Festival in Sausalito, Sunday, January 31st from 11-3p (free! INFO). The Fishwives, the official Sea Forager sea shanty trio, will be singing the praises of our favorite small fish, and you can enter to win fabulous fishy prizes! (Like, fish. Real fish.) I'll... Continue reading
Posted Jan 29, 2016 at Coastal Update
Big spawn in progress. Two days and counting. Here's your clue: Continue reading
Posted Dec 29, 2015 at Coastal Update
Here's the haiku clue as of 07:41 Dec 27, 2015: They came in last night The point being C. latrans The flood should bring more Continue reading
Posted Dec 27, 2015 at Coastal Update
Hello Coastal Fishers and Foragers it’s time for your November/December 2015 coastal update (at long last!) Heads up in December I've got a SF Coastal fishing & foraging walking tour on Saturday December 5th at 12:30pm and a rare Mega Low Tide tour in Princeton Harbor. (Tues Dec 22nd at 12:45pm) I only do seven of these per year so if you’re interested, my main focus on that tour is looking at mudflat invertebrates (ghost shrimp, piddocks, fat inn-keeper worms and horseneck clams). It’s always fun and I notice there are still a few spots left so if you want... Continue reading
Posted Nov 17, 2015 at Coastal Update
Hi everybody it’s time for the Sea Forager coastal update… for early summer. But first here's some tours and stuff coming up in the next few months: still a couple spots left for my Father's Day San Francisco Coastal Fishing & Foraging tour on 6/21 (then 7/25, 8/29) and my mega low tide tour on 7/6. It’s been a strange season thus far, marked by a paucity of some regular summer fish and an over abundance of others. Alas, only Poseidon himself can predict the mysterious ways of the ocean--or even pretend to understand them. Small Fish: True Smelts It... Continue reading
Posted Jun 17, 2015 at Coastal Update
Coastal Update Spring 2015 Here ye! Here ye! Spring is in full bloom! No maypole dancing just yet but lots of stuff happening on our local shores, here's the skinny: 1. Striped Bass 2015 is shaping up to be an epic striped bass year. Shore pluggers have been steadily nailing the stripers since early April. On a personal note, I gave up on that iconic striped bass lure of the Bay Area, aka: The Hair Raiser, after what had to be my 10,000th cast, and have been getting much more action with the fancier (and pricier) SP Minnow sold at... Continue reading
Posted May 12, 2015 at Coastal Update
Party For The Release of: "Me, Myself And The Monkeyface Eel" First things first: I've got two books due to be published this year. The main one that takes up most of my waking hours is for my favorite local publisher: Heyday in Berkeley. The second is a small artisinal project for some like-minded intertidal enthusiasts who also happen to double as professional printers. These guys contacted me after taking one of my tours and told me they were deep into the lost arts of making books. They wondered if I'd be interested in writing a book for them. At... Continue reading
Posted Feb 3, 2015 at Coastal Update
Ok... before we get started there's a few things happening in Sea Forger Land: Well it's that time of year again. If you're not on it already and you want to get on my herring list, e-mail me your cell #, and write “Herring List 2014” in the subject heading of the e-mail ( Last year I did a whopping total of like 4 tours or something so you want to get on the list or at least let me know how badly you want me to call you when a spawn happens. In otherwords, I will call the people... Continue reading
Posted Nov 18, 2014 at Coastal Update
Game Fish White Sea Bass Josiah bags a seabass on his Hobie sail-yak, (Josiah says: "Shhhhhhh! Don't burn my spot!") Well the big news in August was the arrival of white seabass from Santa Cruz to HMB and beyond. I heard reports of “giant croakers” caught as far as Bolinas. The hot bite was all around HMB from the Ritz to Montara to Linda Mar. Some of the open access commercial guys really slammed 'em. One of the boats I unloaded for Sea Forager CSF, told me he had caught 20 the previous day and I saw the landing receipt... Continue reading
Posted Sep 8, 2014 at Coastal Update
Hey there coastal fisher/foragers it's time for your July 2014 Coastal Update! Continue reading
Posted Jul 10, 2014 at Coastal Update
Well it's starting to look like Poseidon is granting us one of those crazy “boom” years—where everything seems to be going off at once. At least for now. Unfortunately, there are some dreadful predictions of bad water heading north. Ugh. Wouldn't you know it? Just when everything is looking so perfect... they're saying we're heading into another dreaded el-nino cycle. For those of you who are unclear what this means, read this:ño-coming-back?rss=1 No reason to be alarmist about it. But man, el Nino really does wreak havoc on the ecosystem, and I'm hoping it doesn't happen this year—although I... Continue reading
Posted May 15, 2014 at Coastal Update
Most of you are probably unaware of this, (as I was until this week) but the world ended on Feb 26th, 1860. Only to rise again on March 28th, 2014 on a small island in Humboldt Bay. Wow. After 154 years it's sure good to be back. Background On the evening of February 26th, 1860 a small group of white settlers armed with bowie knives, axes, and pistols descended on an encampment of peaceful Wiyot Indians, who had gathered on Tuluwat Island for their annual world renewal ceremony. (Tuluwat was considered the center of the Wiyot universe). The young men... Continue reading
Posted Apr 13, 2014 at The Monkeyface News
April 2014 Sea Forager Coastal Update includes: 2014 Salmon opener, striped bass report, low tide foraging, and just for the halibut, how to make local bull kelp pickles. Continue reading
Posted Apr 7, 2014 at Coastal Update
Before we get into the meat of the thing, here's some stuff we've got happening in March/April: And if you haven't yet, sign up for my sustainable CSF Seafood business! Seaforager Seafood Tours & Events: 1. HMB Mega Mudflat Tour (April 19th. Only weekend tour this year! Still some spots available!) 2. SF Coastal Fishing/Foraging Tour (Mar 16th and Mar 29th!) Sea Forager Seafood Customers E-mail me for discount! 3. March Events : I'm presenting at CalAcademy and providing seafood and sea songs for a boat party! Herring 2013-2014 Put a fork in it, it's done. One of the more... Continue reading
Posted Mar 13, 2014 at Coastal Update
Hi guys! Welcome to yet another (belated) Sea Forager Coastal Update! First, some reminders and links to cool stuff: 1. To sign up for my only Mega Low Tide Clam Tour in Feb, go here: Mega Tour HMB (FYI: This will be my last Mega Low Tide Tour till May).* 2. If you've somehow escaped hearing about my Seafood CSF go here: Sea Forager Seafood 3. Plenty of room on my next city tour 2/22/14: Inner City Tour* 4. The TV show I am hosting can be seen on Pivot Network every Wednesday at 6:30pm (Pacific Time). Here's the website:... Continue reading
Posted Feb 17, 2014 at Coastal Update