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I have witnessed the salad bar effect which is clearly described in the material. It is normal to experience this when you eat out at an all you can eat buffet, where the rules of service don’t apply. It is every man or woman for himself or herself, some are creatures of habit, some have no manners, some are very polite, and some really didn’t need the buffet at all. I perceived those habits as inherited traits of the individual’s upbringing. Never once did I relate the salad bar to the erosion of sociability. Slightly different, driving a car would be a self-taught talent. Each driver is in their own space demanding dominance on the highway. I have noticed that in different geographic locations driving conditions are somewhat better or worse. In Atlanta, GA, drivers are polite more so than drivers in Jacksonville, FL, but here in the South it is every man or woman for himself or herself. In reality, driving and eating, could be one in the same from the every man or woman for himself or herself perspective. I do agree that gender and age play a big role in each.
It is a challenge to become a US citizen, but I consider it a choice made by the individual. We as US citizens had no choice; born and bred in the US, we are bound by our constitution and laws decided on by our elected officials. Educating the individual in order to help them understand the laws would be a positive contribution, but doesn’t give them the right to vote unless they meet all the criteria. It is then a choice of the individual, if they truly want to become a US citizen in order to vote. Paying taxes is a totally different section. We all pay taxes which are inevitable and most of the laws that pertain to taxes are distributed equally to all individuals. Paying taxes should not have any bearing on citizenship. Taxes are based on the geographic location and if you are in the US, Japan, Russia, or Mexico; you will adhere to the tax laws of those countries. Voting in other countries is set aside in their bylaws or maybe not allowed at all. All countries have bylaws which are administered to the people equally. It is no different in the US. I do believe that hiring immigrant workers should be done legally but they need to pay their dues in order to stay in the US. Allowing non-citizens to vote would allow no-conformist to administer our culture. Non-citizens overriding a citizen’s decision, get real! They should have to earn the right of citizenship. If you give non-citizens the right to vote and citizenship freely, that freedom would open Pandora’s Box.