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"Although you can physically mount older manual focus K-mount lenses (often referred to as "K/M mount") onto the K-7 they won't communicate with the camera and the camera won't allow you to release the shutter, no matter what exposure mode you use. I know because I tried." Well I just tested mine with a "M" 50/1.7 and it works fine - The pentax digital cameras don't read the mechanical aperture position, so you have to do a couple things to get this to work with K, M, or screwmount lenses... 1. In the custom menu, you need to set option #38, "Using Aperture Ring" to "permitted" from it's default "prohibited" (a crazy default but whatever). 2. The camera can't sense the aperture ring position, so you need to operate in "M"-manual exposure mode, but you can still use the built in metering - simply set the desired aperture on the ring, and then press the "green button" on the back of the camera - this will stop down the lens, meter, and set the shutter speed as needed for the aperture and ISO. With "A" style electronic auto aperture lenses you can use them exactly like a modern AF lens - no need for the green button thing.
Toggle Commented Sep 16, 2009 on Pentax K-7 Review, Part I at The Online Photographer