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Oddly enough, I applied Mizzzzzzz Hagopian's criteria to Husky Football recruiters and mixed vigorously! Voila! They are predatory! I don't recall Amy getting to upset when Bill Clinton was bombing commuter trains in Belgrade. Curious.
Jason, man-crushes are perfectly normal. Don't fight it. Kind of like Modern English's 1984 "Melt With You" without that distracting stereo separation!
Toggle Commented Nov 11, 2010 on KVI: oldies in, bryan suits outI at BlatherWatch
<-------This is my daughter. If she learns Spanish, it'll be because she wants to visit Spain.
You got me Tommy. I confess...I was just a janitor at KFI. By the way...what's "raio?"
no tommy. never forget the flaming dog turds i've left at your feet. or else the dog turds have won.
hey....THAT picture is even older that the one KFI is using.
YAY! ME! (i should start spelling my name with an "i" !)
I love sports....and junk. Maybe i'll try jock-talk. "Hey! How bout' that porous seconday? 800 blahblahblah-blah 7 blah blah." "Ali from (probably) Renton! You're on Suits-travaganza!"
HEY you two!! Stop hijacking my thread! You never know, this thread may become very relevant in the near future. Maybe by 5pm or so. might be fun to work on my new project AND do some radio. Does KIRO even HAVE my number? I tuned in to 710 and just heard some sports prattle. It didn't even sound local!
And THEN.....LA County taxes!!! And what do you get back? the state averages a 50% dropout rate from public schools, so you have to pay for private school. The PERFECT radio deal is: Make LA money. Broadcast from Vancouver, Wa. Shop in (tax free) Portland.
OK. stay anonymous. please enjoy.
For the first and last time i'll give you all some insight into the radio biz: 1: if they fired YOU, you're off the air immediately with no explanation (in Seattle anyway) 2: if LA sucks and there's ONE YEAR on your stay on the air, but from your Seattle studio (see: Bean from KROQ FM. or Bryan Suits from KFI) believe it or not, there are many LA radio personalities who reside in Seeeeaddle, yet.....broadcast into Los Angeleeeeeeze. (miracle of that E-web I guess) My golly, Leo LaPorte does his show from Petaluma..............Which is in California. Now, local boy, Bryan Suits does his KFI part from a TAX-FREE state. So far.
storsie! that is a dangerous and RIDICULOUS claim !!! it is, in fact, a .444 Marlin Guide Gun with ported barrel. (why us a sledgehammer when you can use....a slightly smaller sledgehammer) really....45-70. the notion is ludicrous.
joanie, yes, in seattle they do a soviet style "disappearing" when ways are parted. very childish and disrespectful to the audience. KIRO used official silence when i left, and...i didn't pay attention to what KVI did. at KFI, when you ask to leave, they ask you to stay. that's why KFI is the flagship for my sunday show (like Handel on the law, Leo LaPorte and Coast to Coast). i'll also fill in for john and ken. LA sucks. it is unliveable. by the way, if you want to hear the best local show in all of talk radio, stream john and ken from 2-7pm on KFI. or just get them from iTunes. #1 for 10 years. they got gray davis recalled. they don't have a party or a schtick, they're just pissed off taxpayers. they are so blunt and honest, the seattle audience would clutch their pearls and demand an ouster.
I'll never forget all those times I forced "sparky" ( an anonymous blogger) to listen to my show. I apologize for this. I now know how wrong it is to forcibly compel others to listen. It exposes them to ideas that they disagree with, and that's unfair. I will, however keep the handcuffs in my car (fur and chrome/nickel).
Here's the good news for all you haters: it will take a LOT for me to come back on the air in market 11, or whatever it is. Once you've had KFI, you don't go back.
Is it possible that Jason Stein is nothing more than a Trojan Horse?
I'm sure the ten of you can come up with a ballpark guess. light of my complete lack of ratings, it's not even a radio gig? Did any of you anonymous know-it-alls manage to think of that? Maybe I've become buddies with a certain L.A. gridiron general who needs a mouth piece? Huh?
Here's my favorite so far, "I hope he dies. The world would be a better place, and maybe civil debate in this torn up democracy would be able to flower once again." Sandra B. Soooo...Sandra HOPES Rush dies, so we can be civil? Please tell me she's a Mistress of Sarcasm. Sadly, i sense not. When was this mythical period of civility in American politics? 1860? 1960? BTW- Walter Winchell wasn't competing with TV...yet.
DAMN that Carson! he never thanked me for my service! K-Dod, however, knew how to make G.I. feel good.
Radio's going through a ruff/rough patch, that's for sure. KABC is ALL infomercial after 6 PM !!!!! In Los ANGELES!! I recommend those with the talent start owning the product. The ability to spend an afternoon setting up a pay-4-podcast sight is tantalizing. it also allows the blog-hards to put there mouths where there typepads are. only a few people can sit in an empty room and create an audience. Andrew Breitbart is a weekender at KFI.
Toggle Commented Nov 19, 2009 on Kirby speaks out! at BlatherWatch
Morning AFTER his birthday!? That beats me getting turfed on or about Veteran's Day.