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in 4E, I play a shaman. The rules lawyer just throws his hands up in frustration, because everything about my character is a "special case" scenario. I've got a conjuration, but it takes up a space. it has reactions like a creature, but has to be attacked directly (no AoE) You don't know how many feats have had to be taken simply because the DM sends elites and brutes after my Spirit Companion just because it pisses him off. and after he kills it, it just pops back up :) I like making Rules Lawyers cry :)
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As Far as character sheets go, you can get them from the D&D character builder at the bundle some "sample heroes" in there, and all 4 of these guys are in it, along with Drizzt and Elminster. I think there is an apostrphe missing up there... hmmm.
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