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FaceTime is WiFi only for now - Apple say they're looking to roll out 3G service after this year. We can't really argue with your usage stats, but we can ask what you'll be doing, as a network, to address what's an inevitable fact of the mobile industry: people are going to use more data as services, devices and habits develop. I suppose what I'm asking is whether this is being seen as the "fix" or merely something to tide you - and the O2 network - over until you can put something in place to better deal with data demand now and in the (near) future. Expecting data use to a) go away or b) get squashed down by making it more expensive seems a short-sighted approach, frankly. You're apparently spending £1m a day, but I'm still seeing awful speeds (if I can even get onto 3G) in Central London. Seprothia is right - this situation isn't going to get "better" in terms of people realising they should be frugal and use less data. It would sweeten the pill a whole lot if you were upfront about what you plan to do over the next 6-12 months to boost network capacity in a tangible sense.
It's the semen version of the missing iPhone prototype suicide. Though stickier, perhaps, and with fewer interested buyers on eBay.