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Cyril Sneer would be proud to have such a haul to dive into :) Great effort everyone. I'm sure if there was a Die P.O.Box (Die!) then you could triple that collection easily.
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Truly epic speech. I have only watched this on youtube and even that made the hairs on my neck stand up. I bet it was electric there. Some forms of gaming will always be ridiculed by those that have never tried it (I still remember my staff days at Games Workshop where kids on bikes would ride past and shout "Geeks!". Unfortunately for them the ever-active imaginations of the gamers in there meant that ever-more elaborate insults were hurled back at them to the point that they would freewheel up the street thinking "whats a Snotling? And how would my mum know one?"). But I'm glad to see that games such as Mass Effect and Hard Rain are making a step to breach the gap into mainstream entertainment. Anyway, sorry to dither on. I raised a Sheldon-esque eyebrown when so many said the keynote was insiprational and hilarious. But they were right. Cheers. Markus
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Hi Wil, bloody brilliant idea mate. Used to run some similar Warhammer Monster/Dreadnought Arena tournaments to raise money like this. Everyone's a winner when youre having fun and raising money for charity. No hope of me making the event seeing as I reside in sunny England so have made a $50 paypal donation to the Childsplay cause. (tried to purchase games from Amazon for the Alder Hey hospital in Liverpool but the checkout was a bit borked). Have fun at the Con mate, Markus.
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