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Hey Doug, in the East, from 6-8, you only need to win 35 or so to make the playoffs. Raptors are only a tweak or two away from achieving those remaining spots. I'm sure Casey has better skills at Coaching than Triano and its no jab at Triano, just experience especially at defensive strategies. Val or no Val, I'm sure they can achieve it. And if they make the playoffs, it would strengthen the young guys confidence going forward for years to come. I'm sure BC is not done. My guess he'll probably trade Amir or Davis, cause Bargs wants to play the 4 OR they keep all the bigs until Val comes to play. They need another skilled Vet though to anchor the team in scoring. I wasn't sure about the pick but it makes sense to get a C. Who else can they get as a C as a FA? Also they would be paying number 5 money to Val, so they save a few bucks. Now Linus has a fellow country man to be buddies with. Have a great day Doug.
@ AT. Agree 100%. The documentary of the Fab Five was well done. So glad Jalen was a part of Raptors history. I don't see how Grant Hill can misunderstand the context because Jalen was speaking how he felt at the time. It's just too bad their successes haven't brought them a championship, well there is still hope for Howard. I am a Duke fan and back then was exciting to watch them Duke win. For me, this documentary brings a new perspective of the struggles the Fab Five had to deal with on and off the court. On a side note, I'd prefer Jalen over Reggie Miller when broadcasting. I think he would make a perfect colour commentator during games and he'd make it more entertaining.
Julian has every right to be feel disrespected. To be asked to go into a game down 30+ points in the 3rd? He should have been inserted in the first 8 minutes when the game was getting out of hand don't you think? He's not the best offensive player but last night, no one was. He might be one of the best defensive players on the team and doesn't even get called upon in the first??? Cmon Doug, stop turning a blind eye on the way Triano coaches. This team lacks D and consistency on both ends so if the main problem is the D, then why not have Julian out there? Not like anyone else was playing D.
Here's a good article to share about our coach, JT. is now following Toronto Star
Aug 23, 2010
Thats really cool Eric. I'm jealous. Looked like a lot of fun. The last time I came across an NBA player, it was just ok. I went to line up for an autograph from Vince Carter when he came out with his book "DRIVE" at the ACC. I was happy to line up until I came to Vince. He looked grumpy and didn't smile. I mean, the least he could have done was fake a smile. I think the YG's relate more to the fans seeing the way they are. Lets hope they make a huge impact for the Raps!!
I heard BC's interview on PTS, and I must say, Bosh needs to be his own man. I think he's caught up in the glam and we'll see how well he performs playing with those two. However I'm surprised he bulked up at the beginning of the season and was on a tear up to the All Star game. Seems like a waste of time and energy. He definitely needs the right people around him to guide him, otherwise he'll be another Rap star that could have been.
Entirely agree Doug. Raps need to spend whatever it takes to WIN! Most important, the Chemistry that is developing between DD, Weems, and Jack/Calderone. I guess we'll wait for the point guard situation to pan out. Doug do you know if they are targeting any Centers out there? Blogger's note: Until they get Bosh done, it's really impossible to say. Wish that wasn't so but it's the way it is.
I think it's good that BC signed him. He'll probably move Jose to free up the cash. Who knows about Turk. I think keeping the young guys in tact is good for the chemistry of the team. Amir wants to be here and seems to have created a bond with Sonny, DD, and Jack.
@ Andrew Gregg, I like your comments. Wheres the Like button. lol
I really hope it's not true. Now I am not opposed to Lebron and Bosh saying lets go to Team A. What I am opposed to is that we can't trade Star for Star. Makes sense? Instead this rumor suggests we get back Beasley????? Are you kidding me? Not even worth salami and onions.
hey Doug, I think your rant should include players who don't want to play for certain teams, ie. Alonzo Mourning going to Toronto. Now how is Lebron and Bosh teaming up different from those teams who bulked up with All Stars, ie. Boston Celtics. If Lebron and Bosh team up, it doesn't guarantee them a championship. Their contracts allowed them to become free agents at this time. Is it just the way they are going about it that bugs you?
@ Soon to be Ex Raps Fan Take a chill pill. You might have a miscarriage. @ Kelsey Spot on with Jim Kelly. He needs to go. I thought BC should have brought in his own people from the get go. Oh well. I'm still a loyal Raps fan through thick and thin. Enjoy draft night!
I'm going for either Lakers or the Suns. I think a Suns vs. Magic Final would be really interesting to watch. High potent offense.
Who knew that a bunch of international players in the Bucks can play D. Imagine they kept Amir and Sonny. Maybe they would make a slight difference. But the Bucks are making me a fan. Jennings is just awesome. Fear the Deer!!!
Doug, you lost your balls. Your complaining about Lebron and agreeing with booing. C'mon. The season when the Raps sat out Bosh prior to the playoffs, I hoped you complained back then.
@John, Bosh wants to be The Guy, meaning the franchise player.. DUH. If you read my comment properly you would understand that Bosh hasn't been the same after the All Star Break. The bigger picture in Raptorsland has been they play tooooooo soft. Sure they had their stretch and managed to defend well before the All Star Break however afterwards, it hasn't been the same. If Bosh wants to be the Franchise player ("The Guy") then his attitude to push his teammates, and his willingness to not settle for jump shots, should be consistent and innate. Of course we're comparing him to Wade and Lebron. It's not the position he plays but how he takes the game over. You don't have to be a guard to do that. Look at Duncan or Malone. "If you can get 20 and 10's every night from a power forward with the occasional 30 or 40+ point night, shouldn't he be last person to complain about?" --- When the game matters, you don't cough up the ball, lose a rebound, settle for a jump shot which Bosh has done numerous times. So your point is not valid. That goes to my point, Bosh has no killer instinct on a consistent basis. I think you need to stop using Caps and start reading properly.
Yes Bosh had a good week, however, where was that since the All Star Break. Cmon Doug, I still don't believe he's THE GUY or THE GUY that he wants to be. So stop being delusional.
I missed some of the second half. Was Weems on the floor when they lost their 17 point lead?
Doug, when Jose takes a back seat to the second unit, he doesn't sulk, or whines about it, unless he does it privately. He simply plays. When TJ wanted that starting role, Jose publicly announced he'd be willing to take a back seat for the team. I think it is important of who starts, simply because you want your team to get off to a good start and rhythm not only in the first but the third quarter. Jack needs to stop his sulking and be a man. Get over it already, plain and simple.
can you get your web guy to fix this new layout please. I can only see half your blog on the screen. Killin me here. thanks. btw im using firefox on a mac os x.
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