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I'm going to PAXPrime Pregnant. I'm terrified of what could happen being in a massive group of people let alone the germs and viruses. And I doubt I will come into a situation where I would have the desire let alone opportunity to shake as many hands as you would. People don't need to touch someone to have a personal memory. I used to tell my nanny kids that you look with your eyes not your hands. I can't believe this is still an issue for adults to comprehend. And I'm appalled that anyone would give you flack or lose respect for you! Game on dude, I'll be the one saluting from behind the surgeon's mask. :)
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Here's to 2010, may this year be as bright and vivacious and wonderful to everyone as 2009 was to my little family. :) I have great respect for you. Thanks for allowing and inviting me to be a part of your life through your incredible writing skills and wonderfully relate-able stories.
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A) throwing my hat into the ring of people who wishes they could go. B) putting up a donate button on my guild website so as to promote donations to the charity. (Because to me, the experience is awesome, but the charity is just that much cooler!) C) You may have started something bigger than you realize! ;)
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