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This is a wonderful description of a fan's euphoria after cheering on a team for decades and finally seeing them win it all. And that Hover Wil thing -- it's the Snoopy Dance! Congratulations from a Sabres fan.
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I know there is a rush to wrap up story lines so some logic is going out the window, but if I really wanted to take the LPD seriously, I would be bothered by John's willingness to unethically obtain evidence against Todd. And then there was his busting Jack based on a tape recording that would have been inadmissible in court based on the fact that it was not in possession of the police during all of its existence. (So theoretically it could have been tampered with.) SuperCop McBain would fit right in with the crew at the PCPD. (Drop anvil here.) Speaking of Jack, I can't be the only one that hasn't missed his presence in the Manning story lines this week. Won't miss him a bit since the character was so unlikable after he was recast with AT, but I am very sad that we won't get to see a developing relationship between Todd and Sam. That kid and RH work so well together!
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Considering the fact that the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NASCAR all have better tv deals, Bettman is vastly overpaid. So is the inconsistent and biased Campbell.
Toggle Commented Jul 13, 2010 on The commish's take at Sabres Edge
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