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First of all, I don't think Armando's response was an actual response he made to Coach Henning. I took it as his blog only "response" / counter to Coach Henning's philosophies, made exclusively here on the blog. Even if Armando made those comments directly to Henning in that "tone," that's his business. He's a big boy. Next--Armando, couldn't be more right. We all know very little about X's and O's but Henning let ATL dictate the rhythm of the game way too much last weekend. Its one thing to Feed the Stud in manner / location of the field that the Defense is giving up and its another thing completely to ADS (Abandon the Stud [Hopefully not a new nick name for Henning's offense]). Henning used to run a ton of short passes to get Steve Smith the ball; bubbles, slants, quick outs. Assuming Teddy had the toughness and heart Smith does (and sadly he doesn't seem to), Henning should look back at the tapes of Steve Smith during Panther's runs deep into the playoff's a few years back. Ricky, Ronnie, and Ginn have to get a minimum of 40 touches a game. Obviously, if you are trailing big early, in the first quarter, that changes things....but that wasn't the case against the Falcons.
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