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Some of the main points in this post was related to that fact that older individuals over the age of thirty tend to be more of a problem with drinking then teens are. Also that older middle class white men are the majority of alcohol abuse. I think the reason that society crackd down so head on teen drinkers is, because they dont think they are mature enough to handle alcohol. They figure we are not capable of making logical decisions as teens, so drinking would impair our thinking even more so.
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With gas rising to $4 dollars I would have to say that it mostly have to do with economic reasoning. The assumption is that oil purchase prices has risen, so this is out reasoning for gas prices rising. Our economy is not doing so well as a whole, so in a socological perspective you would expect prices to drop not rise. False conciousness would be the President saying gas prices rising because of the cost of oil, when oil is being bought at the same price as before. Then we have things like taxpayer kickbacks. Like slashing the taxes of the wealthy and increasign prices for the average joe.
Structual functionalism is displayed on American Idol throught the fact that America as a whole gets to play a paart in who becomes the next American Idol. This show is symbolic, because it shows how an American Idol should be portrayed as a singer. It takes the way a person looks in act into consideration, because this person will be representing American Idol so they have a certain standard they are held at. At a conflict theory point of veiw American Idol is jsut a source of entertainment. Exposure for a singer to grasp the attention of fans. Its just a ways to put a certain group of people int he spot light. With Americans being able to vote and interact with each other, chat and talk about American Idol then I would definitely have to say that it promotes social cohesion.
In a conflict theory point of veiw it would say that diveristy brings on hostility when there is comptetition present. So in many cases it is believed that when competing for a position, a raise, or promotions, the company will lean more toward their own group and devalue those of the other group. In this case this would advance the in-groups solidarity, and decrase the out-groups solidarity which could lead to communication problems which in some sense would explain why interraicial tensions surface. I think structural functionalism would see a need for change in the workplace, and would promote diversity int he workplace. Diversity int he workplace brings on new ideas, and is not just from people who may have went to the same school, or even have the same state of mind. So in this case it would be helpful when problems occur, because you have diffrent people with diffrent ways of thinking. In a symbolic interactionism point of veiw they probably would see diveristy as a good idea. In most cases thier concept is how individuals react and function in their own enviroment. So therfore inclusions and exclusions are based on personal evaluation. So this process maybe omportant to people with handicaps, minorities, and people who have been excluded from mainstream networks. Most of the time diversity training is not sucessful, because workers or companies are not serious about it. They are doing it to avoid lawsuits or just to show that they made the attempt, but with no intentions of changnf anything or implementing any diversity int he workplace. I think the key factor for diversity in the workplace is when cooperations have an open mind and commitment to the priciples and core of diveristy.
Seeing the disasters that took place in New Orleans, we can't help but want to try to correct the issues that we see in our nation. Knowing that at such a devistating time we all must come together and help people in need. There are many sociology issues that Hurrican Katrina bring up. With sociology being defined as the study of human behavior in society and in social behavior, which consistes of micro- and marcosociology. Sociologist Howard Becker also described sociology as “the study of people doing things together”. Looking at Hurricane Katrina this was an event that brought a numerous of peopel together in a time of crisis. So through this we see that in a time a of need people can lean on strangers to help them get through a rough time. A lot of isses brought up were displacement of people, health issues, food suppliy issues. People being disp[laced was major, because you had people displaced away fromt heir families. Then there were also people dying because of lack of food and medicine supplies. This was a very terrifying and emotional even that took place.
Toggle Commented Oct 11, 2009 on Everyday Sociology Talk at Everyday Sociology Blog
While observing some of the norms at the sald bar the author saw that older men were more gentlemen like towards women, by affording them the oppertunity to go before them in the line. Then on the other hand you had the younger group of individuals who was not so courteous and barged their way into the line. Then there was the women who in this case most of them alloted others the oppertunity to go before them. In this situation these norms are typical. You would expect older gentlemen to allow women to go first versus younger gentlemen who is more careless and has less manners then older gentlemen, because I dont think manners and respect is pushed as much now as it was in the past. In most cases women tend to be more courteous and timid in these situations, its natural for a woman to be courteous, because she is expected to act ladylike. Most younger indiviuals don't have any sense of respect and everyone is pretty much out for themselves nowadays. The woman on the cellphone just gives and example of people who dont have respect for other indviduals and do things without being aware of their surroundings. In todays society its people are out for themselves and dont care how it affect other people's lives. Driving is a totally diffrent social enviroment than the sald bar. People are rushing trying to get where they need to be, so the pull the dominace game. Every driver for themselves. Whether it's cutting an individual off, not allowing someone to get over, or flicking someone off, its jsut a part of how we express our dominance while driving.
Non-Citizens should be allowed to vote. As law biding, tax paying individuals everyone should be afforded the oppertunity to give input on the things that affect their daily lives. Most non-citizens that are lawfully present already serve in the military and in some states vote at the local level, which I think is an great idea. If these non-citizens are lawfuly, present, paying taxes, and serving in our U.S military, why shouldnt they have a say on the things that affect them directly? I think they should be allowed to vote in school board elections, because everyone needs to have some say in the things that influence their children lives and education. In some cases I see that most people have made comments about voting being a privilege of a U.S citizen, but is it really? Being an African American I have studied and been informed of the many trials and battles African American people had to got through to get rights to vote in the U.S., while being U.S citizens, so is voting based on citizenship, or is it that we dread change, or feel that a certain group of people is inferior to the other and for that reason limit what indiviuals can do in this country. Then there are other individuals who believe non-citizens should pay taxes because, if American citizens were to go to another country then they would have to pay taxes. This is very true, but the U.S also will make you pay taxes as well. So you are living somewhere else paying taxes there, but you are also obligated to pay taxes in the United States. Is this fair? No it is not, and neither is limiting individuals rights as human beings to express how they feel about the aspects of their life and how they are being treated. As citizens, non-ctizens, voters, or whatever we all share on thing and that is human rights, something we are all entitled to.