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So much for Toyota taking over the truck industry! Remember when the new Tundra came out? All these people were talking about Toyota replacing Ford’s Chevy’s and Dodge’s in the work zones? Some people speculated that in 5-10 years Toyota would gain market share in the truck section. They can’t even make their trucks last ten years! It really is a shame that this is happening to the people who bought their trucks, and I agree that even if the frames are built here in the US or if they are built in Japan it is still the manufacturer’s responsibility to make sure everything is in good quality! It’s not a secret why Ford Chevy and Dodge sell more trucks then everyone else. They have been making them for more than a century they been practicing for a long time, and like the old saying says “practice makes perfect”
@nice truck What the heck are you trying to say? you don't make sense!