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Samir is just a little beast with the ball at his feet. Not even Gourcuff can compare with him technically. If Wenger can find a way to play both he and Fabregas in the center, Arsenal would have an added element. More Nasri, less Denilson...Robben's goal was a great shot, but c'mon, it's not better than Nasri's. Even after bamboozling three defenders, Nasri still had to beat the goalie at a difficult angle.
I wouldn't call Arsenal a big money club. If they have any money, it's because Arsene knows how to save money and buy cheap. They don't have the money like Bayern, Chelsea, Man U, Madrid. They buy young guys who can play, that's that.
The boy can ball can't he? The whole team came out to play, even without Cesc. That game just made my day.
I wonder if Wilshere has figured out that Bolton is not Arsenal.
Can't wait for Dempsey to come back on the field. The one and only USMNT player who is not afraid to play his game.
You're way off base. The humiliation is done.
Not saying he's been terrible, but if you're not contributing to the attack it doesn't really matter. I thought he was an attacking midfielder? Muamba can hold possession as well as anyone. Bolton need goals. Maybe he should have shot.
Holden with his first decent pass and Riga misses.
Why didn't Riga start? he's been on for a few minutes and has done more to attack Spurs than anyone on Bolton has done the entire match.
Owen Coyle's nightmare continues. It proves you can't turn below average players into Arsenal overnight. Not a single Bolton player looks like a Prem league player today. Not even one.
wow Botlon. Wow.
Cambiasso with a cracker!!!!
2-0 for Spurs.
Goal for Pavluchenko. Don't know who gave the ball away from Bolton.
It's all Spurs right now. I haven't seen Holden touch the ball once. The Inter game's got a little dull now with everyone defending.
I hope Chelsea loses this weekend. Not going to happen though. Moyes can pat himself on the to the Bayern game then.
RODWELL what a goal
Man of the match has got to be between Pienaar and Baines. Baines has been shutting people down like crazy, and Distin hasn't been bad either.
Arteta!!! omg great ball from Pienaar, he should have finished that.
Move actually started with Pienaar on the side when he passed it to Donovan and got it back.
good team work and goal by Goslin
Is it just me or do you bitch and whine about Neville every week? we get it, you don't like him, he's not a great player...move on.
Neville is not going to the world cup.
I thought LD was faster than Carrick? maybe I was wrong.
what a miss!