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this kind of stuff bugs me. those phiten necklaces are the same, though it looks like they've done a better job of avoiding the kinds of claims that lead to lawsuits. it's all superstition, though, and the unfortunate effect is that kids watch these guys and think it's going to help them do better. what they need are clear messages that we should do things based on evidence, not flimsy pseudo-science.
wait, he made about $1 million last year right? and over his career has made about $14 million ( i don't care if he paid half in taxes and blew half of what's left, that would still leave $3.5 million. you know how long i could pay my mortgage and buy health insurance if i had $3.5 million? i understand some of these guys are under pressure, but if they've been in the league a while and have made millions, any pressure they're under is entirely on them. and that's not to say i feel for the owners, either. so what am i missing? why should i be bothered that delonte is working at home depot or worried about health insurance?
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as much as i love to see rondo go off like this, i ultimately think it's a bad sign for the team, and contributed to why the game wasn't well in hand by the end of the third. when rondo puts up like 12 or 14 assists and has 10 or so points, i think it's a good indicator that the team is running well. it means that the other guys are getting good looks, and rondo is facilitating things like we want him to. his line from last night indicates to me that the team as a whole wasn't in a good rhythm, and watching the second half confirmed it. the other problem i had with rondo was that he was horrible on defense, at least in the second half. he kept trailing douglas off screens and it looked like he was too tired or lazy to stay in front of him. very frustrating. sorry to be debbie-downer, but this team (and rondo) is capable of so much better.
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yeah, please tell us! how was that season. i was just saying basically the same thing to a coworker. lebron won't come near filling his potential unless he undergoes a major transformation. he's so immature at this point, and it's all in his head. it blows me away that a guy like him would have such an attitude, and makes it impossible to like him. his massive "chosen one" tattoo really sums it up nicely. he feels chosen, which makes it easy to believe he doesn't have to work for it. like you said, it's been given to him. anyway, go back to any of the truly great players and find me one who made comments like this. jordan, bird, magic, kobe (gag), etc. great players *hate* losing. despise it. i wonder if lebron will ever get that.
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PLEASE, NO BIBBY!!!!! brewer sounds good, along with murphy and powe? i don't know if powe can give us much, but i'd rather have him sitting at the end of the bench than most other 15th spot scrubs.
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the interesting thing is that *young* pitchers have seemed to develop well under farrell. guys like lackey and dice-k arrived fully formed, with habits and tendencies. i think that's where you'll see the least influence on the part of the coaching staff. but lester and bard and buchholz might indicate that farrell has some mojo. i think particularly what we saw in clay turning the corner and becoming mentally tougher and more consistent speaks well of what farrell is doing with the staff.
maybe if we apply a bit of sheed to that ugly growth it will shrivel right up. what do you think?
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