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Toggle Commented Feb 22, 2010 on Bingo Breitbart! at Atlas Shrugs
clean up your bookshelf, sheesh..
Toggle Commented Feb 21, 2010 on Nazi Barren-ness on Nazi TV at Atlas Shrugs
To the Iranians fighting for freedom: Whether you believe in God or not, we are praying for you! You are so brave and you will overcome!
Toggle Commented Dec 27, 2009 on UK Times Person of the Year: NEDA at Atlas Shrugs
this twerp is a COMPLETE DOUCHE!
So ass backwards.. Wilders is just merely showing what radical muslims say and believe, none it comes from him!! And he is on trial for hate speech???? All the muslims in that film should be on trial for the things Wilders is on trial for and worse! so backwards it makes me sick. I'm praying for you Geert!
Vi-de-o! Vi-de-o! Vii-dee-oo!! Where are the vids Pam?? Can't wait to see the speakers!!!
Toggle Commented Nov 16, 2009 on HUNDREDS RALLY FOR RIFQA'S FREEDOM! at Atlas Shrugs
Thank G-d!!!
Toggle Commented Nov 16, 2009 on HUNDREDS RALLY FOR RIFQA'S FREEDOM! at Atlas Shrugs
Go Pam Go!!! Wish I could be there!! Praying for Rifqa!
Toggle Commented Nov 16, 2009 on Pray! at Atlas Shrugs
I love how Pamela calls Obama an asshat. LOL!!!
Contact Info for World Harvest Church...
Yes!! World Harvest Church is in Ohio! I have seen Pastor Parsley on TV and he seems like a good pastor... I will email and call them to ask them where they stand on this. Their support would be huge! Yeah, Patricia Said, didn't she lure the poor girls back? Maybe she did not know what her husband was capable of. I am very interested to see what she has to say. I cannot attend but will be praying for Rifqa with all I have. Pamela, will you be videotaping the rally??? Thank you for all you do too! narra2512
gosh, I wish I could attend this rally! But I am in FL and have an 11 month old to care for! Babies and long car rides don't really go well together, ughhhhh :( Rifqa I am praying for you!!!
Nikolai- why would you say that??? TexTess- well said. Samira- I hope you are right. I wish you were right but we have a lot of evidence indicating that you are dead wrong. Unfortunately, it is blessed Rifqa that will soon be dead. We all may sound like we are being a bit dramatic but we are merely erring on the side of caution. Quit downplaying the reality of Honor Killings and calling all these people liars. You are deceived and blindsided if you yourself are not outright lying. My email to Strickland: I ask you to give Rifqa Bary back the basic freedoms of use of cell phone and internet while in protective services. What crime has she committed to be cut off from the outside world? Do not underestimate the danger she is in from her parents and the radical Islamic community in Ohio. How many girls and women must die before you realize the reality of Muslim Honor Killings??!!! The internet, Facebook and the phone is not the problem here. The problem is that this girl converted to Christianity from Islam and now must be killed to keep honor in the family. It does not seem that the powers that be are doing a very good job of protecting Rifqa! Why is it that 17 year old girls can get abortions without parental consent but Rifqa Bary has to fight for her life and religious freedoms??? This is not a little family dispute. This is a clash of cultures. One that belongs in the 7th Century and one that belongs in the 21st Century! The American people are growing increasingly discontented with our government’s obsession with being “politically correct.” You need to know that we will not stand by anymore as our country resembles more and more that of Europe in terms of Sharia Law!
HAHA! Crusty and Kenny- well said!!!
I am so glad I got on facebook and was lead to this site. Pamela, thank you so much for all your hard work. Please keep it up.
Thanks for the info gunjam! Will do! I already emailed him twice, I will email him again!
Toggle Commented Oct 15, 2009 on VIDEO: Muslims Against Rifqa at Atlas Shrugs
I know we all know what is really going on here, but it irks me that that others can't pick up on the anger these muslims have toward this situation. Come on, if she has nothing to worry about, as they say, and this is just a little family dispute or misunderstanding than why are they so angry?? The parents attorney, that ass wipe, and this Lufti guy. So much animosity in the way they handle themselves! Come on! Their acting skills are horrible! The only one I have not seen angry is the father, but ohhh you know at home he flipping out! Disgraced he is!! He is probably beating his wife right now wishing she were Rifqa! Utterly disgusting, backwards and evil are these people! Please someone give me assurance that this Sharia law will not creep into our country...please!
Toggle Commented Oct 14, 2009 on VIDEO: Muslims Against Rifqa at Atlas Shrugs
wdbo 3:54 pm - Bartholomew said she has received copies of only two pages of Rifqa's mother's passport. She wants the entire document. 3:55 pm - Dawson said he is troubled that the parents seem not to know what the court demands. 3:57 pm - Dawson set an administrative hearing on October 23rd. He wants to know by then that the immigration papers have been supplied, as he ordered in each of the three hearings he had held for the teenager's status.
Yeah Pamela! Thank you so much for keeping us informed! Praying for Rifqa!!
Achilles, I was thinking the same thing. What happens if this girl gets sent back? or others like her in the future. We can't let that happen, we have to support each other.
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