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Damnit, why can't I upvote this?
Toggle Commented Aug 16, 2011 on I am easily amused at WWdN: In Exile
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Wil: "My takeaway from Gamma World: I wouldn't want to play an entire campaign, because it's just a little too gonzo for me, but I think three or four sessions (would you call that a mini-campaign?) as a break from my regular game would be perfect." A few years back, White Wolf had the GW license, and they did "Gamma World d20 Modern," so it was basically a 3e game with some of the tweaks specifically geared for d20M. It was a more serious take on Gamma World, which some people liked and some people hated. It was one of those cases where most people ended up liking it after they'd actually read the thing. So if you wanted something Gamma World-esque but without the over-the-top gonzo-ness which makes it inappropriate for a long-term game, then Gamma World d20 Modern may be more your speed. PDF rulebook here: Other books in the line:
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Jealous. Damnit, Will.
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That's okay. I figured you had the 19th on the brain due to the Big Bang Theory. (:
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Contrary to what the beginning of the Futurecast claims, it is not actually Tuesday, October 19th. I blame a temporal inversion anomaly.
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