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Angela Meyer
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I'd like to deliver (or add to the comments that already had beed given from sience/IT minds) here another point of view to Technobabble thats not about not exisitng science, but about real life technologie, like the internet, "hacking Computerterminals", etc: As an IT Monkey I usually understands (more or less) the difference between what they are "doing" on the screen and what that would mean in reallife. The technobabble is, at these moments, the difference between "hm ok, its just a movie" and "my organs are melting up, while my brain explodes by sheer [dumb array (ne Matrix) of technicalsounding words] and im really, really trying to subdue that flaming rage behind my mouth". So from the viewerside of the screen, i'd say to an actor who has to Technobabble about something existing: "Pray that the scriptwriter did at least some research on the topic". (On a unrelatet note: Thats one of the many things that makes tbbt so great) Apart from my babble about your babble about Techobabblepart, id like to trnsgriefbabble about something completly different: You wrote "MegaSomething versus Giant Other Thing" in way that sounds like you don't apreciate Moviegold like "Mega Shark Versus Giant Octopus" that lightens up TV Evenings with games like "Count the three different Background Sets" or "Spot the brocken [something] that hasen't been fixed since Scene [y]", etcpp?
Toggle Commented May 23, 2011 on on the delivery of technobabble at WWdN: In Exile
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*waaah* Aeofel, Al, Somethingsomething comes to Germany and we can't come to bathe in his awesomeness.. even with this Wheaton Guy coming with him, it would be a total personal Waynes World experience. Hope you won't need another five Years to come visit us again.
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She hunting and barking at Angels now :( Regards and deepest sympathy from Germany and some Bucks for your Wiggle Waggle Walk (maybe we'll organize something similiar here too, our Animalshelter is always short of Money :) ) Florian and Angela Aßmann (Sam and Bonny also say "Wooof")
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