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Great (dare I say 'awesome'?!) summary of the day Josie. I'll look forward to the next one :-)
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Only just read this Josie, really interesting to hear about your role. I would love to play a part in enabling and supporting learning communities once I'm teaching. Are you invloving the local PGCE courses in your vision?
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Awesome post, Josie. Celebration of risk and change and re-examination have to be essential in our increasingly connected environments.
Toggle Commented Mar 14, 2011 on Purpos/ed at SocialTech
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good post - I think it will be some of the things that we take for granted that are dependent on air that we will hopefully make us all think about how we live and what impact it has e.g. fruit and veg flown in from Isreal and Africa, other goods and services from overseas. On a practical level I know of several people with their childcarers stranded abroad on their holidays before the restart of term on Monday! A boat trip to the USA sounds lovely though, I have to admit.
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PMSL!!! Can I get one of those eco pipes Mr Future Weller? I would like to become posher and pipe-wieldling in future, not sure I could wear that mask and have a vague american accent at all....
Toggle Commented Oct 29, 2009 on An interview with the future at The Ed Techie