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Since either Insight does not think we want 3D and/or ESPN is not offering this programming, why take up blog space? For the record, I would love to have the 3D programming since I've had the set for some time now. PS. It seems that Insight's commercials and perhaps Insight produced commercials in the Lexington market are about 60db louder than normal broadcast levels. The net effect is to mute them.
New channels are nice to see, but it was depressing to watch the BCS game being advertised as being available on ESPN 3D which is only available on DirecTV. Looking forward to the multi-room DVR so I can get rid of that mini-box on my other 2 HD sets that I won't pay $15+ each for just to watch HD. Any word on when it will be available for Lexington? Thanks.
The mini-box is a digital to analog converter and when it is installed, a few things go away. People with dual tuner VCRs (there are some out there) lose the ability to record one channel while viewing another and people with HD sets connected to basic cable lose their "clear view" or "local" HD stations without installation of another splitter and a "A/B" coax switch. Insight needs an intermediate digital solution to receive HD without the DVR which appears to cost 50% more through Insight than it would with satellite. I have several HD sets and am already paying for two DVRs and a cable card but my HD viewing on the patio has become a very inconvenient process the Digital 6.10 appears to have caused, not alleviated.
This sounds like Insight will not offer 3D to the small percentage of customers that want 3D. Why not just say you have no plans to offer it rather than post subject "surveys" that say nobody wants it.
I received my 610 upgrade letter/info yesterday and it looks eerily like the Comcast "solution" my sister in Michigan has. The bottom line up there is that the mini-box will NOT pass any HD channels, eg the locals that are being supplied. When using the box, she does receive "MORE" channels, it's just that they're all of poor quality. I hope this is not the case for Lexington, else the web site for 610 upgrade should mention the need for a coax switch which should also be included in the hardware package.
Can the DVR firmware be modified to allow turning closed captions on and off via a menu button while watching a program rather than turning off the DVR and resorting to the setup menu of the DVR? Since all shows seem to be recorded at way different levels, it would be nice to easily view what Jack Bauer (24) is saying rather than crank the volume all the way up, then back down when the commercials come on.
Toggle Commented Sep 23, 2009 on launches today at Michael's Insight