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Oh, I hope you do inherit those 1st edition AD&D books and modules and post about your daring adventures and deadly dungeons. I've been loving those podcasts for WotC and it'd be awesome to hear about what kind of dungeons you're running. I actually have been playing a 1e campaign with my step-dad and some family friends for the past year or so and it's so much fun!
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Oh yes! He's also done Jonathan Coulton related things as I recall. And this one is great. I don't know which I like more, the Death Star O or the d20 O. This will take some serious geek-soul-searching...
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I don't think 3 hours of geeks and music is really enough, to be honest. Wait, that wasn't a question I was afraid to ask. Who designed that nifty poster?
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Ditto. As if I wasn't already excited about the new season of TBBT, now there's the promise of Wil Wheaton-Infused TBBT?! I'm giddy.
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