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That might be the best opening sentence in a news article -- at least for this week.
So those are Jack Bauer squirrels. Dangerouss indeed.
Toggle Commented May 25, 2010 on WE KEEP TELLING YOU at Dave Barry's Blog
So yea, we certainly need to find a new show. we need to set a time and debate that issue.
I like the way they ended it with Jack having nearly as many holes as the plot.
I don't see Jack getting by airport security like that. Maybe a tramp steamer to the Falklands?
"If I had only listened to you . . ." That sums up the entire series.
Good one, Andy.
He's monologuing, he's doomed
How does Jack even have blood left?
"Can we get the North Korean delegation up here to clean the ceiling, please?"
weird, she became President Kathrine Hepburn.
I justice served after the fish course?
So formal. Handbag used to sign treaties with a crayon.
A UN peace treaty is not extraordinary, it is about as binding as a time-out in a Chuck E. Cheeze.
"we have to stop him. I am completely out of clean underwear!!"
Can you believe those people tried to do the right thing?! But we stopped them Mdme. Prez."
Bet he really wished he was patting down Handbag. He's such a Smithers.
Even when out cold Pillar is scared of him.
So does that four deep-tissue wounds for Jack today?
"Shoot me in the thigh! Haven't you learned ANY thing from me?!"
Ah dammit! Cuddly Jack comes back.
Handbag, don't get snotty when there is a sniper trained on the sinkhole where your heart once resided.
Yes, that's the reason the entire planet doesn't like looking at you.
It would be great when they go to ratify the treaty and Ms. Prez Hasan signs, "Chuck U. Farley".