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Hey, Here at Sheldrake Point, we're letting things hang. Our chard came in two days ago, much of the Pinot Noir and Gamay Noir will get picked this week, and I have every reason to think that the Cab Franc, Cab Sauv and Riesling won't be in until November. I just sampled Cab Franc on Thursday, and it was a wierd experience--there were no green flavors, and a lot in the way of good red fruit flavors, but the sugar tasted low and the acid tasted high (as was confirmed by chemistry). This was also true in Riesling: good flavors but bad chemistry. But that's okay--even after the leaves are gone, I find that acids drop (I don't know why--does anyone else?) and sugars rise (probably just due to concentration). And for now, the canopies look good, even after the vineyards hit 28F earlier this week. No snow in the vineyards for us yet, though I had maybe 2-3 inches on my car in Trumansburg on Thursday morning. I think it'll be a stellar year for Riesling, and likely even a good year for reds. Dave