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I wanted to catch up, but your email address changed?
Toggle Commented May 30, 2014 on Catching up and touching base at Web Ink Now
Helas, no job openings. But we keep an eye on this guy. For sure ;-)
This guy suits one of my clients perfectly. I'll go tell my CEO to hire him right now, before it's too late!
Been there, done that, best thing that ever happened to me! Congrats to your tenth anniversary of freedom. And, thank you ThomsonReuters for kicking David out of the door. Otherwise I wouldn't have never read his books and I would have never been motivated by him to start my own career in PR & marketing. Can't wait for your next book to come out!
Thanks David for your great (and very true!) post. I concur, but there is only one 'but'. As I have found out for myself, if you have a very strong personal brand and are social enough to build a big network, there is no need for you as a PR- or marketingperson to work at a company. Hence there is no need to hand in your resume or apply for the job. Heck, work as a freelancer or start you own company! It is a daunting thing to do in this unstabile economy - but now is the time to invest in yourself! Although I still don't agree on your LinkedIn-status. LinkedIn is a search engine, like Google or YouTube. If anyone is looking for a marketing speaker, with your immense network it might be easy to always find you first in the results. It might seem odd that a lot of unknown people invite you, but it actually increases the likelihood of being found first in the results, because LinkedIn takes in account the 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree of contacts...
I wouldn't say master, but a jedi, perhaps... ;-) Awesome, thank you David!
Toggle Commented Nov 14, 2011 on Newsjacking! at Web Ink Now
Will put this new book on my reading list for X-mas, although I have a problem David. Scribd doesn't allow me to buy it outside of the States... (I have an iPad nor a Kindle). I have a story I'd like to share with you, David. Remember the Blackberry-goes-black-crisis? It mostly happened throughout Europe (EMEA) and hit a lot of people hard - no mail, no ping, etc. Complaints on social media were staggering, but Blackberry hardly responded publicly. As an independent PR-consultant, I'm always looking for ways to get myself in the media, next to my clients of course. For some reason, I felt this would be one of the better opportunities, especially since I work for (international) tech firms too. Then this big blog here in The Netherlands posted a story about the louzy communication skills of the staff at Blackberry with the headline: "How can an enterprise dealing with communications be so bad at it themselves?" I responded as fifth commenter, stating clearly that I was a PR consultant, commented on what might have happenend PR-wise with my experience and background in mind. Of course, I tweeted it too with a link. A journalist picked it up, either from the blog or the tweet, and wrote a follow up story for the Dutch counterpart of the financial times. The same evening I got a call from a radio station that works in close cooperation with the paper, requesting me to comment on the matter in their morning show. It turns out the next day that the article was on the front page - with me as the ONLY expert. The journal I write for also requested a blogpost about it, which probably will be in their annual top 10. And the biggest advertising journal also featured my quotes on the top of an article on the same subject. This is so inspiring for me in terms of hijacking the news. Not that it got me extra clients, not yet, but still it felt pretty good. Of course, I'm hijacking this story too now ;-). I'm kidding, I hope people find your book and my anecdote inspiring! Matter of fact is that I have found out it works.
Toggle Commented Nov 14, 2011 on Newsjacking! at Web Ink Now
No need to ask if you had fun in Stockholm, David!
Hi David, May I politely ask you to stop writing about gobbledygook? Everytime I read one of your posts on this topic, I receive a press release from ZyXEL stockpiled with jargon, GG and lots of other stuff I don't understand. Somehow, there must be some kind of cosmic interference here causing all of this. As I have no influence on ZyXEL, I must urge you: do not write about Gobbledygook again! *big fat ;-)* Thanks again for your relentless efforts to destroy GG! Cheers, Remco
Hi David, Thanks for your post on QR Codes! I have two sets of business cards with QR Codes, one from a Dutch company called SocialCards (which links the QR code to a page on their websites with links to my vcard, LinkedIn and other social networks). This one got me 151 views in the last couple of months, unfortunately their are no statistics telling me how many hits came from the QR Code. Also offers business cards (through with your profile page featured on your card, with a QR Code too. Again, the statistics only offer the amount of views generated on your profile page and when, not per se via the QR Code. (I use as the url on Twitter, had 130 views in total.) Don't think a lot of people do use the code. But still, people think it is hip and happening if you have a QR Code on your business card. So for now, it will work. In the long run, the codes are just a fad I think. I do know of a company who offers a reader with a tool that can make (print) adds and photos work like a QR Code with watermarks. That's just brilliant! The app, designed by a Spanish company AquaMobile, is called Clic2C and can also be used to scan normal codes. Quite frankly, no one has heard of it yet. Please share with us some research if you find any on the success of QR Codes! Yours, Remco
Wow, this is a nice one David. But perhaps Gobbledygook has a purpose after all, the release is so poorly written that journo's who are covering the company need to call someone within, thus enabling Yahoo to tell there story directly. Although I sincerely believe there are better ways that lead to a (destroyed) Rome....
Funny stuff! Like the guy who created the most amazing press release ever:
@David: it does. @Scott: I have the same issues with my Blogger blog, YouTube, Profile and before Buzz. I had to use my old yahoo e-mail to even access my profile and blog... :-(
Toggle Commented Jul 1, 2011 on I really wanted to hate Google Plus at Web Ink Now
I'm a google apps user and I really hate the idea that google has their best customers profit last from their new features. If I had known back then, I would have never signed up for it...
I would love to hate Google+ too. Which I do. Although I use Google Apps for Domains and Profile, I can't access +. They have seem to make the same mistake as they did with Buzz before - invite your regular and most trusted customers last. Darn it Google!
Toggle Commented Jul 1, 2011 on I really wanted to hate Google Plus at Web Ink Now
Well, actually this guy is just being plain dumb. But, the point you make is an excellent one and cases like these, David, help us - business professionals - understand more how social networking works. Or doesn't work, for some ;-). For one of my clients, I'm drafting what should be the best social media guidelines in the industry (kidding), and the vital line that my client really really liked, was the sentence: treat all information shared via social media as though it was public. Even if your settings are set to Friends Only. This post really proves my point, thanks!
Toggle Commented Jun 7, 2011 on Social networks are never private at Web Ink Now
Really cool design, my compliments! Still using TypePad, though? When will you switch to Wordpres,s, David if ever?
Toggle Commented May 16, 2011 on Long overdue blog redesign at Web Ink Now
Hi David, How about gut feeling as a measurement tool for ROI? Ask yourself: did we do well? Cheers!
Hi David, quite funny you published this - may i say micro - blog today. I was doing an inhouse presentation for a funeral insurance company, and the bottom line was that I needed to teach them this principle of Show, Don't Tell. It is a mantra in Journalism School, which I attended here in the Netherlands, but probably a overused but handy cliché as well in the US, right? That got me thinking again of what you always say about hiring journalists to do the content marketing, in order to have them unmarket your content and make it useful for customers. You certainly struck a nerve from my perspective. So may I ask you David, what other journalistic principles, besides show don't tell, would be of use to marketeers and PR-people? (Perhaps this is too lengthy to answer in a comment, I am more than happy to read it in a blogpost of course :-). Thanks again for sharing! Remco
Toggle Commented Feb 1, 2011 on Show Don't Tell at Web Ink Now
Hi David, Actually I knew what the post would be about once I saw the title. The PR Coach just posted something similar about the worst press headlines ever. My favorite in the list, as always, is Zyxel, or ZyXEL as they call themselves for no other apparent reason as to look smart?? The fun thing is, they translate their Gobbledygook English press release straight to Dutch as well. So you have a press release which leaves you clueless to what it's about, and then a PR firm let's a say junior - my assumption - translates the whole ordeal. Twice the fun! I kid you not. I have blogged about their releases before, even more than half a year ago. One would think they might read it and comment. Hell no. Too busy writing techie press releases I guess ;-). Here is the ZyXEL release: And the post by PR Coach: Thanks again for the insight!
Thanks for the useful insight yet again, David. I have one important questions that I have been dealing with a few times in this matter: Not everybody has the energy or discipline to get up at 4 in the morning? Especially the (senior) corporate marcom folks I meet, they are all mid or late 30's. Most of them have small children and welcome every ounce of sleep they can get - you know what I'm talking about. How and where would social media, or exercise, fit in to their way to busy schedule? I have fitted social media succesfully into my daily plans, but with exercise it's way harder... I even bought and XBox 360 Kinect to have a fun way to keep fit, that only worked for a month or so.
Toggle Commented Dec 14, 2010 on Why social media is like exercise at Web Ink Now
Congratulations! I would have actually been really surprised if the book didn't rock the charts, 'cause from what I have seen now in the preview it SHOULD rock the charts. Thanks for making our jobs as PR folk a lot easier :-).
Hi David, I have an idea. Going to the toilet, if we like it or not, is essential. We all need to go, sooner or later. No escaping that. You as a marketeer love teaching people how to solve customers problems effectively and efficiently. This is a customer problem like ten times a day,if not more. So basically your target group (if you were a toilet marketeer) is everybody. This solutions solves everybody's problem! Well, if you have a smartphone, that is. The new divider between haves and havesnot is a mobile phone. Weird, huh?
May I point out, David, that you are a connoisseur in toilet marketing? As I remember the CWS example you use in your presentation well! ;-) The other day, I used Google Places on Android to find a sushi place nearby. But, the nearest one didn't have good reviews. So I drove a little further, and had a great dinner. Thus the app helped me to make a decision as a customer!
Toggle Commented Sep 28, 2010 on Gotta pee? The mobile potty finder at Web Ink Now
Hi David, Great thought! But wouldn't you agree that banning miss Hilton from Wynn Resorts - like you tell people over and over again in your seminars around the world - is just simply the right thing to do? As a high-end brand, you don't want to be associated with the things Paris does in relation to drugs, well maybe in Amsterdam but not in the States, I guess?