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This is great, Denise, thanks for sharing your expert recommendations! Best, Christine Hueber
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Thanks for yet another delightful post, Beth! I'm also a huge fan of his music as well, so it's a treat to learn more about the man behind it. And I love the song he did with Jane! It transports me every time I hear it. Enjoy, Christine
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Lovely post, Beth! Thanks for contributing to my still greater appreciation of the man behind the delightful music! Enjoy, Christine Hueber
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Looking forward to your new blog, Melissa! Best, Christine Elisabeth Hueber added a favorite at Melissa Galt's blog
Jan 3, 2010
What great points you make! I'm updating my Amazon profile right now! Enjoy, Christine Elisabeth Hueber
Toggle Commented Dec 23, 2009 on Amazon as social networking at Web Ink Now