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Penny, to add to the suggestion for silk or wicking long underwear (and I still love my Winter Silks!) you may want to check out the "Heattech" line of thermal underwear available at the new Uniqlo branch on Newbury St. I've been testing out the tops and bottoms and find these really effective as an inner thermal layer, plus they are comfortable for indoor wear as well. As you know, just a fan of Uniqlo here, as I am of Boston Zest!
Thanks Penny for mentioning the Kelleher Rose Garden in the Fens. It's always been a pretty and peaceful place, though I think it hasn't been tended as well recently as in years past and it needs a bit more love. Sadly I'm not a good candidate for volunteering, for I tend to kill rose bushes and anything else plantwise, but I hope your post encourages would-be gardeners to step up and lend a hand.
Toggle Commented Oct 22, 2013 on Would You Love Taking Care of Roses? at BostonZest
Something that should also be on your tasting list is Zucca rababaro, an amaro made from rhubarb. I was introduced to it at Erbaluce and it's outstanding! You can find it at Cirace in the North End (where you can find most amari known to humankind too).
Toggle Commented Jun 25, 2012 on Romancing the Rhubarb at BostonZest
Wow, what a lovely writeup of some lovely places here in my adopted hometown, Boston. Props to @mgslimjb for tweeting about this. Though I must take exception to your characterization of Brasserie Jo, which is in my 'hood and has been an old reliable joint for many years. It could have been an off night for the steak tartare (which I think is the best in town) but I'm glad you had their also usually tasty charcuterie and tarte flambée. And you are so right: I can stroll in there anytime and get decent barcraft and well-executed brasserie faves on a whim. Lesson: don't go anywhere else after 7 hours at Poe's Kitchen!
What a delightful read on what goes into my next favorite gin. Classic Beefeater has been my mixing gin for eons. I'm intrigued by 24, all the more so by learning of Payne's care and craft in creating it.