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PStephanLamont: Something to keep in mind as you bring percentages of Rye population into your possible decision-making: American Parliamentary Law is built upon the principle that rights must be respected: the rights of the majority, of the minority, of individuals, of absentees, and rights of all of these together ........Michael Johnson
Ray....I am no longer a member of the Board of Directors..I am no leader...And, you chose to purchase a cottage on Hen Island several years ago...Did you not know the island was inhabited by "hillbillies" at the time of purchase?...And, do you know how stupid it sounds for you to write such a thing?...You apparently have little regard for "hillbillies" and yet you purchased a cottage so you could live with them..WTF ?...And, don't be lazy...stop collecting water off your roof...You can change how you supply water to your cottage if you wish...Haul it out in your boat. Be true to your beliefs...Oops...I're really not an environmentalist....Mike Johnson
Ray.....One of the reasons you have not seen me out on Hen Island "in the past 10 years" is simply because, when I DO GO THERE I go to the annual parties held by Hen Islanders...You are NEVER there...I wonder why...? Oh, maybe it's because ever since you were voted out as president of the Board and then removed from the Board of Directors entirely, no one will have anything to do with you.... Your statements would carry more credence if you included yourself as one of the "33 cottage owners", who keep water in large containers...Where do you get YOUR water ?.....Tell the truth...I know, it may be foreign to you....But, you can do it. Just say, " I have one of the largest cistern, water-gathering(from the roof of my bird-feces-spattered roof) systems on Hen Island"...That's the truth...Mike Johnson
Ever the sensationalist....huh, Ray....I'm afraid I don't know Ms. King..Is she from Rye?...Or, Westchester..? I have not heard of any children dying from West Nile Virus in Rye?....It's sad Ray...People die every day from one thing or another..To try and create an epidemic of fear seems somewhat pathetic on your part... Maybe if you paid closer attention in school, instead of "acting out", as you mentioned in your NY Times article of years back, you wouldn't need editing in your MyRye posts....Editing the TRUTH in your posts I don't have enough time for...Mike Johnson
It's only fitting you have many new "costumers" from Rye....After all, you're a "costumer" IN Rye....Name one or two of the Rye folk who frequent RJT, if you'd be so kind.....I doubt there are any....Mike Johnson
Ray.....I have ALWAYS used my name when posting to My Rye...Your paranoia is showing. Why would I NOT use my name?...I'm not fearful of repercussions....You more than insinuate the Hen Islanders CONTINUE to heave appliances into Long Island Sound....Is this true?...Or, just another of your silly statements you hope less knowledgeable folk will believe?...Hope you're enjoying your summer on Hen Island. Don't let the mosquitos bite...Oh, by the way, were there NO mosquitos on Hen Island when you bought your cottage there?...I've been going there since 1977...There have ALWAYS been mosquitos there....Long-timers kinda like them...They dishearten the less hearty. Mike Johnson
Comparing Hen Island to San Francisco is like comparing you to Ralph Nader......Mike Johnson
Well Jimmy......I hope you don't mind me callin' you Jimmy....I've raised my kids...6 of them, to obey rules and regulations...If they choose not to, that's their choice..All I can do is teach....Your friend, by refusing to do what is asked of him, made a choice...not dissimilar from some of those folks you see on police tv shows..ya know the ones with dashboard cameras....when a cop stops someone (and, I've been stopped several times) their response should be, "yes sir, no sir", period....if there's a disagreement; that's what court is for....I suggested to my kids, "do what the officer says"......maybe there are other options for other folks...not me.
Jimmy......really..?...."uncomfortable"..?.....really?....What are they making the wristbands out of now?...Barbwire?.....It's fortunate this friend didn't have to go to the hospital as a result. He'd be asked to put on a wristband there too !!........
Ray......apparently, you have nothing else to do...who better to fill the shoes of this character ??.You can continue to make up "facts" as you see fit....
Here's MAY 2010 news from Journal News, which shows the REAL issue to be resolved in favor of Hen Islanders, who just want to enjoy their soliude as they have for the past 60 + years..The state appellate court has upheld a judge’s decision that the waste system on Hen Island is adequate. Shareholder Ray Tartaglione had sued Kuder Island Colony, the corporation that owns the 26-acre private island off the coast of Rye, alleging that summer cottage residents allowed waste to seep into the Long Island Sound and failed to properly dispose of trash. Tartaglione frequently attended City Council meetings with Mr. Floatie, a human waste mascot pictured here, to press city officials to inspect the island. A state Supreme Court Justice ruled the system was satisfactory in 2008, and Tartaglione filed an appeal. The appellate court delivered its decision April 20. In a statement released today, Kuder Island Colony called Tartaglione “a disgruntled shareholder.” “The Board of Directors and the shareholders of Kuder Island Colony, Inc. are gratified that this unfortunate incident has been resolved,” it wrote. ” This is the last of multiple lawsuits that have been brought against the Corporation, all of which have been decided in favor of the Corporation.” ...Ask yourselves why an individual who has remarked, in an article for the New York Times, would risk the continued enjoyment of his "piece of heaven on earth"...why?...Because he's not interested in anything but his ego and retaliating against those who are involved in his justifiable removal from the board of directors....
Ray...You asked if there is "anything else I can do"......You haven't one the FIRST thing yet ! Publish the letter wherein Ron Gatto states he is preparing to close "Hen Island"....AFTER you do that, I'll let you know if there's anything else you can do....
Ray.....thanks for the link to the Gatto matter...Now, one more thing, please post the link where Mr. Gatto claims he was going to "close Hen Island", as you claim.....You said Len Meyerson replaced Mr. Gatto when it was learned, "Mr. Gatto was going to close Hen Island..." Just attach the link please.......Oh, wait.....maybe there is no such link......
"John Jones".....The fellow's name is Chuck PATEMAN...Not Bateman...And, I'm not sure what channel you were watching...but, he was NOT cut off "1 minute into his presentation" a matter of fact, he was allowed to speak much longer than the usual 3-5 minutes......Are you REALLY a Rye resident?....Is this John Jones related?...I don't think so...
Interesting facts:
Jim......You're too young...Nothing wrong with that...But, please see attached.....1950's & 1960's...Mike
My recollection is the ride was known as the Wild Mouse .... Any other oldtimers who agree?.....M. Johnson
Claudio.....The fact of the matter is, the campsite I'm on is exactly the way I want it, the way it was meant to be, the way our family likes it. No electricity. No Heat. No provisions for living year 'round. No TV. No air-conditioning. No real convieniencies to speak of. We have our year 'round home for that. Hen Island is a place to get away from technology and appliances....A place to relax. Sort of like camping. But, in a cabin. Not a tent....And, my understanding is my neighbors out there, for the most part, want it that way and purchased or were left their campsites with full knowledge there are no roads. No phone lines. No electrical lines. No cable lines.....Michael Clay Johnson....By the way, living in the 1950's was not so bad....It's the 1960's I had trouble with !! LOL
Dear Ms. Neary:..... BRAVO..... BRAVO !! I await further submissions by you. Reading what you write is a pleasure, not only for the content...but, also for the style, passion and pure regard for the English language...You do Rye proud....Michael Clay Johnson
Ray/Mimi........Again ( I really think you should have paid closer attention in school--your ability to retain things is not very good...; we've been through this ,me providing the definition of stepfather, before), the definition of stepfather is: "the husband of one's mother and not one's natural father"......So, while you are busy calling my familial relationships into question..and, beliving it's relevent somehow, please get the relationships correct...I understand TRUTH is not something you're enamored of...So, I'm more than willing to help you here...H. Clay Johnson and Rosemary Johnson adopted me as well as three other children...None of us were born to Rosemary....But, I'm sure, if there are adoptees out there, they'll agree, familial ties can be quite strong, even if there is no bloodline connection....I have no problem calling H. Clay Johnson my father, which is the correct terminology for our relationship....Please print this and keep it close, as there may be other times you'll want to refer to Clay Johnson as my stepfather..Or, we could just leave families out of the equation....Michael Clay Johnson
Ray......You keeping the Soundkeeper apprised of what's going on is tantamount to leaving the fox in charge of the chicken coop....If the Soundkeeper is interested in the TRUTH, and I suspect he is, he'll need to go elsewhere for his information.....His decisions are based on FACT...He knows it. Rye knows it....FACTS do not include information you present.....You were not present at the Wine and Cheese Fest last night.....YUM, YUM.....The Merlot was wonderful....High and Dry in Rye..
Tell me something, Ray......Where is the Soundkeeper now??..Comments were made by him years ago..Before results of the county's looking into the matter...He apparently now has enough information (clearance from violations from the Westchester County Health Dept.) to leave your campaign High and Dry....Perhaps he, as a TRUE enviornmentalist, knows to vacate an association with an individual who has told the City Council, at their last meeting, "I'm not saying my septic system is good and the others' are bad.." Perhaps the Soundkeeper is not impressed with your true lack of enviornmental concern....He likely thinks, as any rational person would, this fellow is not sure his system works...this fellow, while talking the talk, does not walk the walk....When did you install your composting toilet, Ray?..Oh, that's right, you didn't...Enviornmentalist; my aunt Tilly..Still, High and Dry in Rye....
The EAGR meeting states: "Each candidate will have the chance to speak at greater length regarding one particular area of concern. “We hope,” said committee member Judy Martin, “that this forum will give all Rye’s voters the opportunity to judge for themselves which candidates will do the best job in making Rye a healthy environment for future generations.”......Will folks who are NOT Rye voters be allowed to speak????......Folks such as Mr. Tartaglione....High and Dry in Rye
Ray............for the umpteenth time, It's JOHNSON.....not Johnston....I'll see you tonight....And, when you put THIS in writing: " Maybe you can get a few of your other Hen Island polluters", without proof of MY polluting the sound, you open yourself up to one of your favorite tactics, A LAWSUIT....Get Mr. Gaines, your attorney, on the phone...sign him up..Maybe we'll dance, Mr. Tartaglione......Additionally, I don't belive you have proof of ANY polluting going on....Did the County of Westchester give Hen Island any violations in this regard?...Perhaps you should follow the City Manager's advice and bring some bottled water out to the island, like everyone else, and stop using the "bird-feces-infected" water from your roof to brush your teeth....It's affecting your ability to think rationally...High and Dry in Rye...Michael Clay Johnson
Ray.......will you EVER answer questions posed to you?...The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind...the answer my friend, is NO....To claim you're doing what you're doing to "protect family and friends" laughable....To claim people on Hen Island (you have a campsite there as well, lest we forget) are brushing their teeth with "bird feces infected water" is simply not the truth...who would do such a thing?...YOU?...Where does YOUR water come from?...Do you bring bottled water to the island for drinking or do you drink the water you gather from your roof ??...And, if your answer is, "I bring bottled water to the island for drinking"....what makes you think you are brighter than all of the other campsite owners??...Do you have photos or video of people on the island drinking feces-water?....No, you don't..Ya know why?...'cause you're lying about it...pure and simple....So, continue the Lie..I'll remain, High and Dry in Rye....and rooting for Mayor Otis !!