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daniel john
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Ah yes - the Hutch throwing a curveball. Luckily Rita knows how to catch what he tosses out! Looks like a great day - thanks for sharing with us Harold.
Sounds like Rebecca did a good job picking songs and leading. I think it's great that you are continuing to train up worship leaders. You were made for that and hopefully they realize what a privilege it is they've been given. on a side, and less serious note: I don't know how you're pulling of 85dB, but (listen now as I respond in worship-song talk) "More Love, More Power" to ya! :)
Looks like another great day at Life Church! Thanks for letting us see what it was like from the congregation & tell Evan I want a rematch. :)
Looks like you guys had a great time! And I like the new song. My only issue is this; (from your example) if a guy is working on something, is it changed to "steady-as-he-goes or do we still stick with the old adage "steady-as-she-goes"? Just would like to hear your thoughts on the issue!
looking forward to hearing the song - great set too man!
Toggle Commented Sep 28, 2009 on Sunday Setlist - 9/27/2009 at OneVoiceWorship.Org
very nice set, Ben! i just saw Brenton Brown do his song "Everlasting God" a week or two ago in concert. he tagged the chorus of "How He Loves" onto it, which took it to another level. very cool!
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