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Christopher Daley
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I am currently being tortured by my family for 4th of July but I wouldn't have it any other way. This did not stop me from making fun of them on my blog. Happy 4th!
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DRM only screws honest users. I have never understood what they thought they were trying to accomplish. If anything it gives people a reason to justify their theft. I had a comment on my blog the other day about just this. Company A did me wrong and so I took their product. I will always think the violation of someone's copyright and right to earn a living is wrong but DRM only punished the people who actually made an honest purchase in the first place.
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It has been a long time since I have played but I would for this. Even though I am sure that Wil crashed Twitter today, for charity I would be there. My blog explains Wil's part of the Twitter crash. (Twitter Crash (It was @wilw's Fault)) at
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The dick better take the book down because if he doesn't were going to send the angel of death after him. I have yet to see a web site that Felicia Day has not been able to crash with her minions. She could crash it forever. Don't make us sick Felicia on you, stop being a dick.
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