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" I swear, Days of Our Lives is better than OLTL lately./" OMG I can't say how violently I disagree with this! LOL Louise I have haunted this blog since Wednesday's episode just waiting for your post. While some of the story-lines really aren't that good... Todd and Tea,the Evans family and especially the Morasco fiasco, There is so much good stuff to keep me interested: We actually got Police officers receiving awards for bringing down the bad guys...How awesome was that? Everybody around town watching on TV Kyle being so proud of Oliver even though things are strained between them, Markko and Langston being so happy for Cole, and kicking off the guys becoming roomies. I just adore Kish,with a side of Nick. Finally a triangle with three root-able sides. How long has it been since we've seen that? Cris and Leyla proving back-up for Oliver and now actually seeing the potential in each other? Vicky/Dorian/David, starting the Mayoral race looks fun. Jarlie and Brody/Jess with the stalker mystery, How cute where Jared and Brody recuperating with Video games beer and their ladies? Bo/Nora/Clint and Matthew can bring me to tears. I'd like to see more of Sky and Rachel at the rehab center, Just get her away from Dr. Greg STAT! I think they have some chem as well as Sky/Gigi. I don't know whats going to happen with Rex but I used to like JPL in the role and think I could again as long as they get rid of Stacy! How about bring Bitchy Adrianna back form Paris? Can't wait for your post on TT/Dr. Greg it was hysterically horrible!
Toggle Commented Sep 29, 2009 on Aren't They Just... Adorable? at Serial Drama