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I was there at Craven Cottage for the goal against QPR about the 1 min mark. It was a dream come true to be able to see my first EPL match and my favorite American score in the midst of the greatest season by an USMNT player.
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Ives,I dont disagree with your comment about there being no left back on either team and that the others had better seasons. But the fact that others had better seasons then our starting left back. What does it say about the senior squad? Furthermore what does taht say about our prospects for left back as well. YIKES! How do you counteract a weakness in the leftback position with others strengths on your team? Would a 4-5-1 help?
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I am intrigued. I think if we go with a 4-3-2-1 formation it has a lot of potential for the USMNT. It could help with our aging/depleted back line. It plays to our strength/depth in midfield. Gives more attacking support and power even though we dont have alot of viable forward options. Overall its provides an opportunity to get our best 11 on the field at the same time. Coach Bradley, lets roll with it!
Some suggestions might be Guzan, Cervi, Gonzalez, Goodson, Castillo, Ream, Lichaj, Dan Williams, Orozco, Demerit, Marshall, Jones, Bedoya, Diskerud, Adu, Holden, Torres, Feilhaber, Bradley, Edu, Shea, Altidore, Johnson. Isnt it times like these that we really should be working at expanding out pool?
conservative line ups? We scored 5 goals in the run of play at the WC and had 2 goals disallowed. We might have advanced in 2006 if we scored half that many. Arena was conservative. Bradley was not. The JV squad at the Copa America had a decent run until an embarassing loss in the finals. I will give you the fact that we defended poorly. I agree as well that Bradley did a good job; and fell just short of a great job. He needs to be replaced. But not because of the negatives you note. We need someone new with a fresh approach to this next cycle.
The point of the RATINGS is to show that alot kids out there who are dreaming of what they want to be watched the USMNT. So now they may dream of being a soccer star for the USA instead of an NBA thug. Really the best thing to do is talk about the future after a tournament is over. Sure there are lessons learned from this but we wont learn them unless we apply them in the FUTURE!
Good point. I thought our defense (all four games) had been sketchy. I dont understand why they were so hot and cold between defending and attacking. The positive that I saw was the fact that were actually a dangerous team throughout the tournament. Which was a drastic improvement from '06 where we scored 1 meaningless goal. Yes need more focus on defense and a finishing touch in the attacking third but overall we earned alot of respect.
Obviously it was a mistake to start Clark; and Bob obviously admitted that by making and early sub. Credit to Bob for owning it; Arena would have waited until 75+ to make a change. All in all the USA did very well. For the first time in a long time we advanced on our own without needing some miracle. We played respectable football. Scored goals in the run of play. And worked in credibly hard. US soccer took as step forward this time around! USA! Players of the tournament for the USA Donovan Bradley Cherundolo Demerit
Ives, Great site! I check it multiple times daily. What is your prediction for the Kansas City Wizards this season? Also, who will score the most goals for the US in SA?
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Congrats Ives. You have done alot for American soccer. Thanks and well done!
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Dec 15, 2009
I hope that Casey, Ching, Kljestan, and Cunningham do not get camp calls. Findley, Rogers and McCarty would be good; maybe even Pontius, Rolfe, Beckerman. Outside of MLS I would like to see call ins for Bedoya, Tracy, Hill, Simek, Califf, Goodson, Pearce, Parkhurst, and Diskerud. Ives, based on the past what percentage of January camp call ins make the 23 man roster for the WC?
Yeah because his ego is so huge after not playing for 2 years.
Toggle Commented Dec 9, 2009 on Fulham set to unload Johnson at Soccer By Ives
I agree but would really prefer to see Tracy and Nguyen. Any update on where Nguyen is going to land. FC Dallas?
I really appreciate you following Marcus Tracy. I really hope he develops at a high rate over the next several months. I think that he could be a good addition to the WC. I am really worried about our options/depth at forward. Ives, are guys like Bedoya, Kamani Hill, Nguyen, Jeremiah White, Grella, Ferrari, Johan Smith, or Jemal Johnson worth following for serious looks for the WC? If so who? and What likelihood? Would there be benefit long term to sending a young forward to the 2010 WC along with or instead of a Cunningham, Ching, Casey type?
I like EJ up top. He could be more WC caliber than Casey. But we havent had a chance to see his progression lately. Then use Cunningham as a sub with about 15-20 min to go. Maybe start Goodson over Bocanegra to give him some minutes seeing as we are in need of some depth at center back and we certainly know what we are going to get from Boca.
I agree Orozco, Lichaj, Tracy, Cervi, Nguyen, and Whitebread. We have seen so much from the likes of Donovan, Dempsey, Altidore, Howard, Bocanegra, Bradley. Why not give some others a shot?
It would be great to see Bedoya, Castillo, Simek, White, Johnson, and Edu. Bedoya and Castillo spark the most interest from me. Ives, What about Diskerud, Hill, Jeffrey, and Tracy? Are they too far off the radar? Or is time with their clubs more important at this point? Would January be a better option for them?
It is too early to tell. The biggest positive I see from this u17 cycle is the possesion game. I am not so much worried about who from this bunch will make an impact on the senior squad; but instead if we can continue to take the postive trends at the youth ranks and translate them to the senior squad. The current senior team really struggles with possesion.
possesion not bad but FINISHING!
classless red card. Seemed like there was too much space between the back line and mids on defence.
and Jerome and chavez h ave "blown" any chances? How about two break away goals against Spain? hmmm. Atleast McInerney has scored a goal as a striker. He has connected the best with Duran in the middle. I say a McInerney-Chavez pairing would be best.
Brown doesnt sound to be a loony like people make him out to be. He even aknowledged what everyone thought he had ignore; and that is Altidore's youth. Brown is actually trying to help him come of age as a professional and reach his potential as a player. I see no wrong from Brown.
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