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Coffee and Ives blog are the 1st things I do after I get up in the morning!
I wrote here on a SBI thread a few days after Gooch's injury and before the WC draw that I had a premonition that Gooch would heave a long throw in to Charlie who then turned the Algerian goalkeeper and scored the game winer that advanced the USA to the 2nd round. The Algeria part has already come true. Now all we need is for Gooch and DC9 to complete their respective comebacks! Thanks for the awesome story on Charlie, Ives and Charlie keep fighting the good fight! Allez Charlie!
The USA U17s have gotten better from game to game and hopefully they can put it all together vs. Italia and move on to the Quarters.
Never mind... I figured it out! WOW! (SBI-Care to tell everyone how you added your own logo?)